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If clever ideas came with four tires and an engine, we’d be car dealers. If great marketing fell from trees, we’d be raking it in. But in reality, this is what uncompromising advertising looks like.


Silver Lining Playbook
Mercury Mosaics

When the COVID-19 crisis hit the states, Mercury Mosaics had to shut down their tile factory. Rather than furloughing the entire team, Mercedes, the company founder, decided to keep them on to plot out a new production process. In unprecedented and uncertain times, this seemed like a response worth sharing. Inc Magazine agreed.

PR Agency

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Image Building that Matters
Texas Materials Group

Hiring and retaining employees presents challenges for any industry. In construction, it’s especially competitive. Texas Materials has a diverse workforce, and a key to their recruiting strategy is to break away from stereotypes about what a construction worker should be.

social media digital campaign

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Show Us Your Asphalt
Texas Materials Group

When you’re looking for a materials and construction company to tackle a big asphalt project, odds are you’re going to go with the first one you find online. But what if that asphalt company finds you first? Then it doesn’t matter who falls next in line because their attention has already been captured. So how do you cut the line?

branding & marketing agency

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Like Finding Money in Your Couch Cushion
Mercury Mosaics

Mercury Mosaics was an established and esteemed tile company when they brought in Rock Candy Media. They had a nice website, a consistent email strategy, and a strong social presence. Even with all that in place, there was room for improvement.

branding agency

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Pretty Fly for an Auction Site

Creating a new brand is like when you’re headed to college: nobody there knows about the time you threw up in your 10th grade health class, and you get to establish yourself as the person you want others to see you as. All that is to say you want to put a lot of thought into how your brand presents itself, because there are no do-overs if the first impression is lacking.

Branding Agency

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SEO on 720%
Texas Materials Group

No matter what industry you’re in, the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website can determine whether it drives sales or wallows in obscurity. With Texas Materials Group, a family of asphalt and concrete construction companies, it was critical that their search presence be dominant in all areas of operations.

Search Engine Optimization

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No One Puts Containers in a Box

Contain’s homes were determined to stage a quiet rebellion in how homes are constructed. As prefabricated homes that not only take a shorter amount of time to build but are more efficient and affordable too, Contain was certainly bringing a new twist to the world of real estate and construction. But when we met them, their brand was a long way away from expressing just that.

branding and identity

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Making the Guest Column Legit
Austin Urology Institute

What’s better than getting high-traffic press mentions? Getting it without spending a dime on advertising, and positioning yourself as an authority in your field and a titan of your industry. Our client, the Austin Urology Institute, led by Dr. Koushik Shaw, wanted to get their name out at a national level. But not in some corny, overpriced, 15-second commercial. They wanted to do it authentically, the same way they run their urology practice.

PR agency

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For Your Eyes Only
Phoenix Construction

From oil and gas industrial facilities to CrossFit gyms, Phoenix Construction can and will build anything you ask of them. Capable of tackling projects at any scale, their target audience of potential clients extended through a variety of markets. This being the case, it’s easy for a construction marketing agency to cast a wide net. We cast a net that would reach a small group of individuals across multiple industries.

branding agency

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As growth strategists and content advertisers, it’s our job to make connections on a human level. So what do you do when you have a very human-oriented product that might not make sense to your typical human? You simplify it and break it down in a way that the customer understands.

social media marketing

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Never Name in Vein

HydroPros offered a range of vitamin infusion therapies delivered intravenously. It’s the kind of IV drips you might get at a hospital, but they do much more than simply hydrate and as a branding and messaging agency, we had to get that across.

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Uppercut the Competition
Rock Candy Media

What’s better than taking all of your competitor’s website traffic in one fell swoop? Taking all of your competitor’s website traffic while subtly making fun of them. At Rock Candy Media, we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to capture more web traffic — one of which is by directly bidding on our competitor’s keywords… LIKE THE NAME OF THEIR OWN COMPANY.

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Flexing on the Competition

FlexRadio is a technology leader in the field of shortwave radios. We know it, their fans know it, but newcomers to the world of shortwave have to compare numerous brands and models. But their fans weren’t leaving reviews that would net them new customers. Rock Candy Media changed all that with a customer review strategy.

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Put On Your Game Face
Rock Candy Media

Even B2B companies can (and should) be lifestyle brands, and we use our own as a prime example of that. Rock Candy Media is an ad agency for true ballers and enterprising badasses. To give our business acumen some street cred, we made up some super fly Facebook profile filters.

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Flexing On Social

FlexRadio, a software-defined radio company, was looking to move some hardware. Rock Candy Media got on their wavelength, and brought a wave of new buyers to their website.

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The Mothers Should Know
Rehab Clinic Campaign

The effects of addiction are as wide-ranging as they are destructive to the inflicted individual. When we began working with a local rehab clinic in Austin, Texas, we used this as motivation, purpose, and reasoning to guide our efforts. Given the far-reaching and downright deadly implications associated with addiction, we set out to create a marketing campaign that would help amplify the rehab facility’s services and, potentially, save a life.

Rehab Case Study

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Bathroom Blitz
Austin Urology Institute

Dr. Shaw and the Austin Urology Institute might have legendary status as one of the top urologists in Austin, with endorsements from local celebrities, a global reputation for excellence in robotics, and a strong presence on TV, radio, the press, and social. While these esteemed mediums were great exposure, the team wanted to target potential patients in a more unique and direct way.

Long Center Case Study

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Renovating a Digital Home
NetWorth Realty

NetWorth Realty may have an eye for real estate, their digital presence was sorely lacking before they hired us.

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The Battle of V-Day
Kirk Root Designs

For the past 30 years, C. Kirk Root Designs has been making and selling original jewelry designs popular across Texas and beyond. And when you’ve been in the game that long, you see a lot of changes occur, both with your business and the ways in which you market it. In the jewelry biz, Valentine’s Day campaigning is a minefield of cilchés and gimmicks. Our retail marketing agency decided to go in the exact opposite direction.

Kirk Root Case Study

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Doc Talk – Publicity
Austin Urology Institute

Dr. Koushik Shaw of Austin Urology Institute is a pioneer in robotic surgery, but he’s also dedicated to making sure his patients lead healthy lives to keep urologic problems at bay. Peoples RX is a longstanding Austin health store that caters to the city’s crunchier population. By bringing the two together, our medical advertising agency introduced the high-tech doc to a whole new audience.

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Barrels of Buyers for Whisky Festival Tickets
Opal Divine's

The annual Whisky Festival is Austin craft pub Opal Divine’s biggest event of the year. Peat freaks and imbibers travel from miles around to sample the tastiest whiskies of the British Isles. We knew that we could make a big event an enormous event, so that’s exactly what we did.

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Creating A Clear Winner

Edge computing is an inevitable part of our future, so companies are scrambling to tap in. That means key decision-makers are evaluating software platforms like ClearBlade to make this critical leap. While ClearBlade developed an incredible edge computing platform with applications in manufacturing, energy, transportation, and several other fronts, they were confronted with a few issues regarding their brand and website.

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Journey into the Archives
Harry Ransom Center

The Harry Ransom Center contains a wealth of art and artifacts from across the globe and throughout history, from a Gutenberg Bible to the taxi license Robert De Niro's used while preparing for his role in Taxi Driver. How could they express the value of access to these priceless cultural gems, and then get people to give a yearly membership as a gift? RCM created a new priceless artifact: The HRC Travelogue.

Gift Campaign

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See what our clients had to say about it.


They Said

Heres what Kim Jong Un, Eddie Murphy, Courtney Love, and Tupac had to say.

  • "What Fun!! I I have a handful of companies, and the most important stuff, the web site, tech, and marketing used to be my favorite stuff. However, as the companies have grown, the lack of time, and several years with truly bad representation, left a bad taste in my mouth for the whole industry. Enter Rock Candy Media. What a Terrific Team! Annie is one cool ,crazy, & creative leader, and her team is diverse, dynamic, and driven - just like her! Instead of dread, there is excited anticipation. Instead of waiting to hear back, they are all over it! Feeding you what you need to help them, help you rise to the top. Bat taste the others left is gone now and the ride has only just begun! I can already tell it's going to be epic though, because Rock Candy Media - ROCKs Hard!!"

    - Stevie Bear, Contain

  • "We have worked with RCM for almost 7 years now and they have been a huge part of our success and growth. Annie and her team have a great creative direction and continue to come up with unique concepts that have made us a leader in Austin and beyond."

    - Koushik Shaw, Austin Urology Institute

  • " had a meeting with Annie to go over the potential for us to work together. I was blow away by her knowledge, drive, and overall confidence. She had a plan already put together and the vision to see it through. Truly a talented group, I look forward to how they can help us grow. Highly recommended.

    Update: We have been working with them for months now and they have been a massive asset. I cannot imagine working without them! Almost everything they do has been approved on the first round, simply because they speak our language and really do their homework."

    - Cub Root, Kirk Root Designs

  • "Wow! What a change. I switched my medical practice website to Rock Candy a few months ago. Rock makes you feel like you are their only client, and that the success of your site is all that matters. The team works together efficiently and handles everything in house. I also like the monthly brainstorming meetings where you meet with the entire team."

    - George Shashoua, Austin Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • "We retained RCM to provide us a comprehensive PR strategy. Scott Mise, the web developer, has been terrific to work with throughout this process. He’s knowledgeable, responsive and patient. I completely value his hard work and dedication in helping us - especially since he has the difficult task of debugging all the legacy glitches and poor coding from our prior developer."

    - Gerald Tam, The Carlton Group

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