Get a Brand
Market Analysis

Are you spending more time in the weeds than focusing on sales?

Have you lost your identity because you’re doing everything BUT marketing?

An idea never existed without execution.

This is counterintuitive, but you have to implement marketing strategies BEFORE your business gets slow. It’s key to keeping your pipeline intact and your sales cycle short.

Our managing partner will put together your brand market analysis and our CEO will go through it with you personally. She comes from both the agency side and the biz dev side, and that mentality is how we fostered our reputation as “The Creative Salesforce.”

What is a brand
market analysis?

Competitor Breakdown

We look at competitors’ websites, their positioning, digital advertising, and strategies to determine how to one-up them.

Ad Strategies

How we would position your brand to succeed in your industry.

SEO Analysis

How does your site stack up on search?

Branding Audit

Are you appealing to the right people?

Positioning Pitch

How you can transform your brand into a juggernaut.

Reclaim your identity with Rock Candy Media, The Anti-Template.

It all starts with an analysis of your competitive landscape, and ends with your global domination.