Get on the fast track        


Average Agencies Mask Their Plainness With “Process”

If one of an ad agency’s biggest selling points is their planning, run. Anybody – anybody – can fill out a schedule. (Including us.) What only the best marketing firms and ad agencies do is deliver high-quality, original, interesting work.


Move At the Speed of Your Customers’ Attention Spans

Chances are you aren’t Apple or Jack Daniels. (Yet.) People aren’t just going to remember that you’re there. You have to keep up with their attention spans. Slow doesn’t stay relevant.

Let us draw a picture for you.

Don’t go slow. Don’t wait on ROI.

Traditional advertising agencies and marketing firms progress along a set path, and it takes time. It shouldn’t.


Why Wait On The Change You Need?

Rock Candy Media in Austin attacks your business marketing needs on every front, ASAP. Not in an outdated, linear progression.

Hire Better  

You Don’t Do Business In Candyland.

Businesses succeed by being quick, innovative, and aggressive. The market isn’t going to be forgiving to a business that markets in a way that doesn’t share those priorities.

Move With Purpose

Crossing off content on a calendar is passive marketing. Announce your presence with authority and then own the space.

Don’t Wait To Get Remembered

Original content that leaves an impression turns businesses into brands. The more of it you have, and the sooner you have it, the sooner people know your name.

Traditional Will Tank You

The digital landscape shifts too quickly for the rigidity of traditional advertising agencies. New ideas have to wait in line. Things get done but not accomplished.

Make Your Next Quarter’s Earnings Give Last Year a Run for Its Money

Rock Candy Media is the results-based branding agency. We find short-term opportunities while positioning your company for long-term growth.
Hiring a branding consultant and marketing firm is an investment in your company. Taking on a client is an investment for us as well, in our time and energy. So we need to make sure we’re a good fit…