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The Digital Shortlist is an online magazine and award the restores credit where it’s due: to the creatives who have the ideas, put in the work, and defy the expected.

The Digital Shortlist
The Digital Shortlist

At Rock Candy Media nothing is ever ‘perfect.’ Purely the anti-template all the way, when we see something that’s wrong with the current system, we have no problem calling it out. The current awards system is rigged.

We are a team driven by having something to prove, even when we’re seen as ‘established’. We created The Digital Shortlist as a way to recruit the best of the best and to build a design community that we consider ‘the greats’ in their respective fields. We knew this community would keep our competitive spirit alive, inspire us, and ultimately push us to always improve what we do. Even if what we do is already the best, it still wouldn’t be good enough.

The Digital Shortlist. Where Greatness Speaks For Itself. #theAntiAwards