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As we homo sapiens contort our bodies into the inhumane confines of car seats, desk chairs, improperly-operated gym equipment, and unforgiving mattresses,  orthopedic products are here to correct the ravages of modern life. Did our grandparents have any concept of “lumbar support”? No. Did they complain incessantly about back pain? Absolutely.

As a naming and branding agency, we set ergonomic innovators apart from their competition. To sell direct to consumer, you need to compete on more than price. You might have a patent or trademark, but you need our messaging and positioning to turn it into the next must-have item.



Your in-house outsourced team

The only way to build direct to consumer massage roller websites, create digital campaigns for DTC mattresses, manage your orthopedic furniture's reputation, and master search platforms is for to treat this as a collaboration. Consider us part of the crew––a brain trust for hire.

On advertising’s edge

The schematics for modern marketing perfection isn’t a secret sauce––it’s just ridiculously meticulous and difficult to pull off. We’ve got top-tier knowledge of the latest tools and techniques in e-commerce, retail, and direct-to-consumer marketing, and an understanding of what motivates people to buy. We tap into people’s deepest hopes and fears through their favorite websites, search engines, and social channels. With that knowledge, we can get you where you need to go.

We make people fall in love with you

When people are in pain or can't sleep, they'll do just about anything for a fix. The problem is all the posers that took their money before without delivering on their promises. We restore their confidence. Our branding and PR strategies are designed around making trust implicit.

Our loyalty is standard

We do not take on clients that compete with you directly, and we will never reuse the same old campaigns and techniques for every client. We've learned from experience what works, and that happens to be coming up with a fresh playbook for every unique client and their precise challenges.

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