Hiring and retaining employees presents challenges for any industry. In construction, it’s especially competitive. Texas Materials has a diverse workforce, and a key to their recruiting strategy is to break away from stereotypes about what a construction worker should be.

digital promotion campaign



International Women’s Day was approaching, which was the perfect opportunity to highlight female employees across departments and roles at the company. Texas Materials’ Alejandra Weiss conducted interviews—both filmed and written, and sent them to us. Scheduling those interviews was a challenge in itself, and it didn’t leave much time to prep the content for a digital campaign.


With time of the essence, we determined the most expedient and effective plan would be to create a blog subcategory for Women in Construction. Interviews would be posted on the site with both the text and videos embedded from YouTube. A developer worked on a page that just displayed articles from that category, along with a contact form for new recruits to send in their resumes. At the same time, designers worked on graphics for social and the new webpage. Finally, an editor took in raw footage from the client and turned out slick, condensed clips.


The whole team worked in tandem to turn the digital campaign around in less than two weeks. The page was live ahead of schedule, and social posts were arranged to bring in visitors on International Women’s Day and the following week. These assets can be reused for future recruiting initiatives, so we can get even more women to feature on the page.


We say this all the time: a recruiting campaign is never just about recruiting. It’s an opportunity to show off a company’s values and its growth. In this case, we got to position Texas Materials as the savvier and more progressive company that they are, something that will help get them the teams they want and media press later down the road.