As a growth strategy agency and content advertisers, it’s our job to make connections on a human level. So what do you do when you have a very human-oriented product that might not make sense to your typical human? You simplify it and break it down in a way that the customer understands.


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A majority of people might know that neurotransmitters exist, but they might not know the specific ways in which each one affects you. This being the case, if a customer doesn’t know the ways in which neurotransmitters influence your mind and body, they won’t know the ways Wellnicity’s product can help them.


In order to communicate the benefits and features of each neurotransmitter in a digestible way, without using long-text informational copy, we turned each neurotransmitter into their own persona. By drawing from the functions of each neurotransmitter we were able to create these profiles that allowed customers to better understand the individual importance of each one.


No one wants a lesson in biology. Especially from someone you’re buying a product from. These neurotransmitter persona ads allowed us, a growth strategy agency, to educate the user while also entertaining them. Additionally, this method of delivery was relatively small which made it highly digestible via social media and email.


The social graphics that we rolled out for this campaign earned the highest percentage of thru-plays our client has ever received on an ad campaign, with thru-plays consistently above 80%. That means the user watched the ad in its entirety, something very difficult to do today in a digital world full of distractions. Not only that, on one of the ads, 86% of viewers clicked through to the CTA. That’s 1,034 clicks FROM ONE AD.