Austin Urology Institute is as legendary as a local urologist can get, with endorsements from local celebrities, a global reputation for excellence in robotics, and a strong presence on TV, radio, and social. But we wanted to get in front of people where it made the most sense: the restroom.




Rock Candy Media negotiated with The Long Center, Austin’s premiere cultural center, to get Austin Urology Institute prime billing in every one of the theater’s restrooms. From there, we crafted copy that speaks to an audience of theater-goers by putting the message of urological health in the context of the intermission bathroom break. Finished off with a design evoking the visual language of the public restroom, this campaign received a standing ovation from all attendees, including some prominent Twitter users visiting for SXSW.

The campaign’s graphical and humor stylings were carried through on social media. It even won recognition on Ads of the World, a globally-reaching aggregator of advertising creative.