Full Site & Digital Presence Rehab

NetWorth Realty is a national leader in building wealth through real estate. They’ve helped thousands of people rehab neglected properties into high-value pieces of real estate. While they may have an eye for real estate, their digital presence was sorely lacking before they hired us. We changed that by refreshing their messaging and turning their site from an eyesore into an eyecatcher.

When you’re trying to convince someone to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house flipping project with you, it’s a necessity that you look and talk like a total pro. NetWorth knew how to sell houses, but selling themselves was a challenge. Rock Candy Media dumbed it down for them. By coining the phrase “True Value Methodology” and summing up NetWorth’s services in four simple words – find, fund, fix, and future, we gave just enough information to visitors to get them on the hook. Within a month of our new site launch, NetWorth’s digital presence improved and they received more than 160 leads through their website alone.