From oil and gas industrial facilities to CrossFit gyms, Phoenix Construction can and will build anything you ask of them. Capable of tackling projects at any scale, their target audience of potential clients extended through a variety of markets. This being the case, it’s easy for a construction marketing agency to cast a wide net. We cast a net that would reach a small group of individuals across multiple industries.


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When Phoenix Construction came to us, they were successful in a few specific types of construction. Their capabilities were vast and they could do more if they expanded beyond word of mouth. When it comes to social media advertising, companies often waste money promoting to too wide of an audience. We needed to dig deep into the industry and find out who the shot callers and decision-makers were in order to make the most of our ad spend.


It turns out their prospects (the actual decision-makers at target companies) exist in a narrow field. As a top construction marketing agency, we were able to find the commonalities that made up all the good leads that converted to sales, and what type of job position they would be in, no matter the industry. This consisted of superintendents, safety managers, brokers, and operation managers in the Texas oil, gas, and construction industries, which we then created a target audience for on all social media platforms.


Not only did this hyper-targeted audience result in more conversions, but Phoenix also saved an incredible percentage of their budget that other competitors in Texas were rivaling. In addition to more leads, there was also a wider variety of projects which allowed Phoenix to diversify their case studies and expand their appeal.


By identifying this new hyper-targeted audience and a seamless way to reach them, Phoenix Construction was able to minimize ad spend while simultaneously expanding leads and the scope of work. While more revenue is an easy plus, they were also able to exemplify what else they were capable of, which opened them up to new opportunities and grew their strengths in other projects.