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For Your Eyes Only
Phoenix Construction

We feel fairly confident that, if your name were Steve, and you were wearing a shirt with a turtle on it, your attention would be gotten if, as you sat around scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed an ad started by saying, “Hey! Steve! Yeah you in the turtle shirt.” You’d probably, in your bewilderment, think one or both of the following:
1. “My God, Mark Zuckerberg is out of control.”
2. “I’m going to watch and see where this goes.”

The point is, ads targeted at individuals draw more attention and more engagement than ads targeted at wider groups. Though we aren’t able to know what shirt you’re wearing at any given moment (yet) there are ways – non-creepy ways, even – to get the attention of the people you need to reach.

Phoenix Construction Segmented Marketing Case Study

Whether they are working in the oil and gas industry or building a new CrossFit gym, Phoenix Construction can and will build anything, pretty much anywhere in Texas. That doesn’t mean, however, that their ads should cast a wide net. Instead we decided to target the specific job titles of the people who we knew would be the ones making the call to use Phoenix as builders. Our hyper-targeted ads were aimed at superintendents, safety managers, brokers, and operations managers within the oil and gas industry in Texas. Why so specific? Because we knew we didn’t need a thousand likes or the eyes of a 19 year old college kid. We needed to reach the shot callers. Between our effective social reach and the video ads’ evergreen nature and real world usability for trade shows and presentations, we delivered Phoenix ads built to deliver conversions. Effectively and indefinitely.