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Creating A Clear Winner


ClearBlade is the technology leader in the emerging field of the Internet of Things. Their audience is familiar with IoT and edge computing, so ClearBlade had previously found success selling on the merits of their solutions. However, their branding and messaging was utterly generic, leaving them vulnerable to competition from the likes of IBM or Dell. Rock Candy Media repositioned them as the undisputed IoT pioneers.



The Campaign

Edge computing is an inevitable part of our future, so companies are scrambling to tap in. That means key decision-makers are evaluating software platforms like ClearBlade to make this critical leap. Those buyers know what they’re doing, so Rock Candy Media was spared having to explain what edge computing is. Rather, we could jump straight into why ClearBlade was the best. It wasn’t long before we landed on this tagline…

We Connect The Things.

It’s a simple statement with deep implications to those in the industry. It conveys reliability, flexibility, ingenuity, and innovation. The client loved it, and their clients connected with it instantly… just like ClearBlade’s software.