For the past 30 years, C. Kirk Root Designs has been making and selling original jewelry designs popular across Texas and beyond. And when you’ve been in the game that long, you see a lot of changes occur, both with your business and the ways in which you market it. In the jewelry biz, Valentine’s Day campaigning is a minefield of cilchés and gimmicks. Our retail marketing agency decided to go in the exact opposite direction.


Kirk Root Case Study



While the romantic holiday often comes with good returns for jewelers, each year it becomes harder to stand apart. Given the redundancy of Valentine’s Day and the sappy messaging that comes with it, Kirk Root needed a new way to take advantage of this holiday that wouldn’t blend in with other jewelers.


A new approach to retail marketing oftentimes starts with a new audience. Instead of targeting men buying jewelry for their significant others, we directed our focus at the independent, single women of Austin. Emphasizing powerful message that you don’t need anyone else to buy you what you want, we launched an anti-Valentine’s social media campaign.


Combining this powerful messaging with once-a-year discounts allowed us to obtain the attention of new customers who were previously unfamiliar with the brand. Austin is a city of transplants, so their 30 years in business didn’t guarantee them a large, loyal fanbase. C. Kirk Root Designs was able to clear out all of their old inventory and sell a percentage of their new products as a result of the campaign.


Over the course of the campaign, our retail marketing agency not only provided a refreshed approach to a tired, old holiday, but also created a new audience of shoppers, all while moving a considerable amount of inventory. Simultaneously, we were able to change the narrative surrounding what some might consider an emotionally manipulative holiday. At the end of the day, our success was measured by how many sales we could generate, the response elicited from customers, and the minimal budget we spent on it.