Creating a new brand is like when you’re headed to college: nobody there knows about the time you threw up in your 10th grade health class, and you get to establish yourself as the person you want others to see you as. All that is to say you want to put a lot of thought into how your brand presents itself, because there are no do-overs if the first impression is lacking.

Business Card Design

This client came to branding agency, Rock Candy Media, with a clear solution to a growing problem: tiny houses on wheels are increasingly popular but there was no online auction or peer to peer sales platform serving the market. Sellers were forced to list on Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace, where the lack of buyers would force them to lower prices. So we needed to introduce a new, more specialized platform where buyers and sellers are comfortable making five-figure transactions.

After extensive brainstorming, we landed on the name: HausFli. It’s a play on the word “housefly,” but with dual implications. The German spelling of “haus” gives the brand a more cosmopolitan, high-end vibe. Tiny home owners like to travel (hence lowering living expenses) so an international flair appeals to this group. Then the “fly” side of the name signifies that the homes will sell fast—flying off the proverbial shelves. Then we iterated on logos. As a branding agency, we wanted the core identity to give an indication of what they do. The ultimate design seamlessly combines the concept with the literal product.

This identity meant that we could launch with authority and immediately establish HausFli as the real deal, not just another e-commerce newcomer.


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