HydroPros offered a range of vitamin infusion therapies delivered intravenously. It’s the kind of IV drips you might get at a hospital, but they do much more than simply hydrate and as a branding and messaging agency, we had to get that across.

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Each IV solution served a specific purpose: recovery for athletes, replenishment after illness, easing hangovers, improving skin and hair health, and reducing migraine symptoms. How could we get these functions across while also building a lifestyle brand around using IV therapy for health, wellness, and beauty?


Our branding and messaging agency came up with a series of product names that portrayed the function of the drips while expressing an attitude unique to the HydroPros brand. Hangover relief is now “The After After Party.” Migraine relief expressed how the headache sufferer feels: “B*tch Go Away.”


All together, the names give the impression that these offerings are for people who can’t be held back, who stay on top of their game at all times (even if they like to let loose).


The renaming came with a rebranding that truly differentiated them from the competition. While other companies might pop up with similar vitamin IV solutions, they can’t match the originality of HydroPros.

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