See what we gave up our potential careers as soccer stars and hand models to do.

If clever ideas came with four tires and an engine, we’d be car dealers. If great marketing fell from trees, we’d be raking it in. But in reality, this is what uncompromising advertising looks like.


Turning the Traditional Trade Show on its Head

Utegration was dropping serious coin as a premier sponsor of the SAP for Utilities conference. They needed a way to show off their extensive capabilities without overwhelming the prospects.

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Tell Me Where It Hurts
Integrated Pain Associates

Pain management center Integrated Pain Associates needed a way to educate patients and other physicians about chronic pain. We created a digital atlas detailing these various conditions and their treatments.

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It’s Smart to Get Dumb
Austin Labiaplasty & Vaginal Rejuvenation

One of the reasons we consider Rock Candy Media different from other marketing firms and advertising agencies is our collective team’s ability to step outside of ourselves and our clients’ train of thought. It’s easy -- inevitable, even -- to find yourself in too deep to what you’re working on or thinking about. You cease to think like a consumer, and so you become less effective at communicating to them. When this happens we combat it a number of different ways. For example, we ask our people from graphic design and web development, and even office management, to look at copy, taglines, or what have you to see if what we wrote makes sense, or if our social media marketing campaign is appealing. When we want to make a dent in a client’s SEO, we gather the entire creative team together and ask them to write down the simplest, dumbest possible phrases they’d search for a client’s product. We call the process “Dumb Down Searches.”

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Creating A New Classic
Inherit Hotel Group

The Inherit Hotel Group was not, initially, any sort of “group” at all. Like any great business it had humble but unique and ambitious beginnings that ultimately led to success. Their first venture, The Guesthouse Hotel in Chicago, was born in a building initially meant to be luxury apartments, but was converted (slightly) into a hotel. We say “slightly” because the genius appeal of The Guesthouse Hotel (and now The Inherit Hotel Group) is that it doesn’t simply provide a room to its guests, but a home away from home. Its “rooms” are, for all intents and purposes, still luxury apartments. Once they did decide to build on their success and bring their unique hotel model to other cities, our clients decided if they were going to truly provide travelers a home in a new city, that the hotel names should reflect the culture of the city it was in. Thus, each new hotel would be named with their new locale in mind. So, they decided, they would also need a name for the umbrella brand that managed these hotels. They asked us to create one that would reflect the values and mission of their business.

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Targeting the Target
Texas Bitcoin Conference

The Texas Bitcoin Conference is the premiere gathering of cryptocurrency experts, investors, enthusiasts, and potential adopters in Texas. Presumably it shouldn’t be too hard to get people to go to a premiere conference in a giant state. In 20 years it probably won’t be. But for now cryptocurrency is still a niche interest (no matter how much Bitcoin is worth). Not only did the Texas Bitcoin Conference need to reach its target audience, it needed to find a way to convince those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency to set aside skepticism and get interested in the future.

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SEO on 720%
Oldcastle Materials

Oldcastle Materials, a trusted international supply and construction company with outposts in Texas, came to us with a website that needed some special attention. After hitting it with a wrecking ball and rebuilding into something beautiful and intuitive, it was time to get that thang on top the front page of Google.

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Gaming Google

Zippivet is new, cutting edge but relatively unknown. They were great at treating patients that walked through their doors, but needed some help getting them there. Along with a comprehensive digital ad strategy, we set our long term goals on ranking for relevant Google searches.

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Renovating a Digital Home
NetWorth Realty

NetWorth Realty is a national leader in building wealth through real estate. They’ve helped thousands of people rehab neglected properties into high-value pieces of real estate. While they may have an eye for real estate, their digital presence was sorely lacking before they hired us. We changed that by refreshing their messaging and turning their site from an eyesore into an eyecatcher.

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Flip the Script on the Landing Page

What do you do when you don’t have a product yet, but you need to get a lot of people really excited about your potential? Well, first you come to Rock Candy Media, then we do the hard stuff. HERdacity was creating a social platform from scratch and had three months to build an audience for the launch - without anything to show potential users to get them excited. Lesser agencies may have balked at this challenge, but we rolled with it.

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Five Companies, One Site
Oldcastle Materials

Oldcastle Materials owns construction companies and materials suppliers around the country, each with their own unique name, services, and customer base. With five such sub-brands in Texas alone, they needed a way to give them a shared digital identity without confusing prior customers who might know each sub-company’s name and not known they were part of Oldcastle.

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Life Saving Messaging
Infinite Recovery

Infinite Recovery is a one-of-a-kind addiction treatment center in Austin. Founded and staffed largely by people who have overcome opioid and heroin addiction themselves, its very existence is living proof of the transformative power of recovery. Infinite Recovery was having trouble communicating this message themselves, so they brought in RCM to transform them so that they could transform others. We were able to provide them with a new website and series of campaigns that spoke to addicts and, perhaps more importantly, their parents.

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The Pre-Launch – Liking What Doesn’t Exist

Starting a new company is hard. How do you build trust without a track record? How do you get an unfamiliar idea to spread? Our answer: by appealing to people’s desires and emotions and getting them to follow you on social media, thereby establishing credibility before you’ve even launched. For example...

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Your Connect for Connections

One of the perks of being a full service ad agency is the opportunity to work with area businesses from across different industries. It turns out that can also be a big advantage for Rock Candy Media’s clients, leading to cross promotional opportunities among clients with similar targets and goals.

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Destroying V-Day
Kirk Root Designs

Kirk Root Designs has been making badass custom jewelry for nearly 30 years. This means they’ve also had to put up with 30 years of corny hearts and cupids every February. Valentine’s Day may have moved units before the sock hop in the 50s, but the modern woman doesn’t need anyone to buy her something nice. This Valentine’s Day, we spoke to the segment of female buyers normally ignored with our Anti-Valentine’s Day campaign.

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Doc Talk – Publicity
Austin Urology Institute

Dr. Koushik Shaw of Austin Urology Institute is a pioneer in robotic surgery, but he’s also dedicated to making sure his patients lead healthy lives to keep urologic problems at bay. Peoples RX is a longstanding Austin health store that caters to the city’s crunchier population. By bringing the two together, we introduced the high-tech doc to a whole new audience.

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Viral Content
Hastings Humans

Hastings Humans has been providing businesses all across the country with friendly, telephone answering services and five star customer service since 1948. When you’ve been around that long, you’re going to accrue a hefty pile of old equipment. While doing a little housecleaning, Hastings stumbled on some classic phones from the 1980s. Rather than trash them, we came up with a plan to give Hastings Humans a viral boost.

Viral Campaign

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Barking Up the Right Tree

ZippiVet, Austin’s super-modern people friendly pet hospital, came to Rock Candy Media after being let down by another agency that promised a lot, but couldn’t deliver. We knew that ZippiVet had everything it needed to become Austin’s favorite animal hospital once the word got out - so we put the word out, everywhere.

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It Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

TradeLive lets IT pros buy and sell equipment on a new kind of peer to peer marketplace. It offers a new take on a common kind of exchange, so RCM had to make its functionality super clear to the user. The solution: create a background video that did just that.

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Read Like a Leader | Ebook
Lisa Mink

The business leadership field is riddled with charlatans and hucksters - promising fame and fortune if you follow X easy steps. Lisa Mink isn’t like that. She’s an executive coach who has actually been an executive and she knows what it really takes to be an effective leader. To prove it, we gave people a little taste of Lisa’s wisdom and watched the leads pour in.

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What Women Want | Wayfinder Survey

Herdacity is a women’s social networking platform founded on the concept of allowing women to talk about the things they actually want to talk about. Often, spaces for women are dictated from the top down; Herdacity wanted to disrupt that and create a place that was shaped by and for the women that used it.

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Rising Above the Black Friday Fray

Stratfor is a global affairs and intelligence magazine for consumers with a refined intellect, which means they won’t be easily swayed by the typical Black Friday advertising bonanza. Stratfor needed to match the quality of its marketing to the quality of its content, so they brought in Rock Candy Media for a last minute blitz.

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An Online Executive Presence
Lisa Mink

Executive coach Lisa Mink works with Fortune 500 executives around the world, helping them develop the skills they need to be more effective leaders. Early in her career as an independent coach, Lisa was relying on referrals to meet new clients, which meant she was often working in the same industries over and over. She came to RCM in hopes that we could expand her sales funnel and give her a little more independence as an independent coach. A new site, a few campaigns and a little personal branding later, and Lisa now has a waiting list for client engagements and the flexibility to turn down engagements that aren’t a fit.

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Finding the Answer in Search

ZippiVet opens a clinic that offers pet owners better service and convenience, but has to overcome the challenges of getting people to switch from their current longtime vets.

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Importing The Right Business
Black Shield Imports

Black Shield Imports, a veteran-owned importer of Japanese Domestic Vehicles, came to Rock Candy Media to redline their business. They aim to make buying a classic Japanese Domestic Market car as easy as buying something from your local used-car dealership. They take care of everything: you tell them what you want, they find it and bring it.

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Barrels of Buyers for Whisky Festival Tickets
Opal Divine's

The annual Whisky Festival is Austin craft pub Opal Divine’s biggest event of the year. Peat freaks and imbibers travel from miles around to sample the tastiest whiskies of the British Isles. We knew that we could make a big event an enormous event, so that’s exactly what we did.

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Making the Guest Column Legit
Austin Urology Institute

Our clients work too hard to pay for their press. We get them press that positions them as an authority in their field for legitimacy, which in turn drives sales. For instance, our client, Dr. Koushik Shaw of Austin Urology Institute, a leading urology practice in Texas, wanted to make a national splash. We made it our mission to get him in one of his favorite publications - Men’s Health.

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Journey into the Archives
Harry Ransom Center

The Harry Ransom Center contains a wealth of art and artifacts from across the globe and throughout history, from a Gutenberg Bible to the taxi license Robert De Niro's used while preparing for his role in Taxi Driver. How could they express the value of access to these priceless cultural gems, and then get people to give a yearly membership as a gift? RCM created a new priceless artifact: The HRC Travelogue.

Gift Campaign

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See what our clients had to say about it.



From Austin to New York to LA to Shanghai, when you work with Rock Candy Media, you get a totally unexpectedly new perspective. Here are some words on our marketing wisdom:

  • "Great experience! Will work with your company in ways that other firms simply can not. The experience and knowledge level are unprecedented. Would recommend to anyone looking for an ad agency or marketing firm. Annie gave us a great introductory meeting and we cannot wait to work with her and her A+ team in the future."

    - Max Mccaddon, Vuevent

  • "I had a wonderful intro meeting with Annie. It was such a great experience. After talking to her and going over all the amazing things RCM could do for my business, I left the meeting knowing my business was in great hands and that's what is important. They made me feel confident that they could make a big difference in my business and even though it's a very small business that didn’t seem to matter. Very few people have impressed me and blown me away as much as Annie and Rock Candy Media have. I highly recommend them to everyone."

    - Brenton Talbott, Wall Street Prints

  • "I haven't had many introductory meetings where I've left feeling like I've learned something that will have a significant positive impact on our company. Annie & the team at RCM were both forthright and knowledgeable - a rare and extremely valuable combination in the Digital Advertising space. We're looking forward to developing this relationship."

    - James Derocher, Vuevent

  • "We walked out of our first meeting with Rock Candy Media with looks of sheer excitement on our faces and a lack of words for what just happened. We covered a ton of ground in just an hour, from presentations of her team's preliminary research to a conversation about goals. Their take-no-prisoners, all-or-nothing attitude might scare some more conservative clients away, but those who are looking for REAL results will know they are absolutely in the right place! Thanks so much Annie!"

    - Chelsea Shaw, Venture Tribe

  • "Since working with RCM they have exceeded my expectations related to the creatives and messaging they have created for our paid social efforts. They have done a truly amazing job thus far! The enthusiasm and creativity the RCM team presents is absolutely contagious and I look forward to a lasting relationship with RCM!"

    - Sidney Brown, Stratfor

  • "We retained RCM to provide us a comprehensive PR strategy. Scott Mise, the web developer, has been terrific to work with throughout this process. He’s knowledgeable, responsive and patient. I completely value his hard work and dedication in helping us - especially since he has the difficult task of debugging all the legacy glitches and poor coding from our prior developer."

    - Gerald Tam, The Carlton Group

  • "After speaking with several other agencies, RCM gave us the freshest look at our re-branding and messaging needs. I left the intro meeting considering alternative business opportunities and other business models when all I originally came in for was to learn how to resonate with our clients. I must say, I'm quite intrigued by what the team at RCM can do."

    - Felipe Fernandes, PaidUp

  • "When it comes to getting your name and product into the hands of potential partners, RCM knows how to make it happen. Brilliant, edgy, out-of the-box, and on purpose... Rock Candy Media dials things up a notch in the great big world of marketing. If you're serious about taking your company to the next level, this crew's got your back. We are so glad they are in our corner. Annie, Sam, Kyle, Scott: you are amazing!"

    - Rick Jacobs, Quantum Knowledge Strategic Solutions

  • "These guys are brilliant. They just really know how to strategize like few marketing companies do. There's plenty of people you can hire to do basic marketing, but Rock Candy Media is amazingly crafty. They know how to cut through all the BS and make the most of your marketing dollars."

    - Jonathan Lee, Crown Holdings

  • "I had a great intro meeting with Annie--I shared some info on our company and industry and provided her with a few of our leading competitors. She took it from there and prepared a slide deck that highlighted the pros and cons of both our web content along with that of our competitors. She also shared a lot of specific insight on how best to brand our name and position ourselves against the competition. Our company is bootstrapping with limited funding, and Annie--a true entrepreneur at heart--understands that; these intro meetings are absolutely zero pressure, but rest assured that if and when we do raise capital, there will be a line item in our budget for RCM."

    - Aaron Chockla, Lucelo Technologies

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