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Apr 24, 2020    Burn Book

Anthropological Entrepreneurship: How Humans Evolve Property Tech


Humans are social creatures.

We thrive in packs, even though I’d call us a lot more dysfunctional than wolves, crows, or penguins. This is why our species’ history of living quarters evolved from tribal travel, hunting/gathering, to building semi-permanent or permanent communities. We all survived better if we had land to grow and share crops, villages with a doctor or two, and so on.

Empires were built starting with one simple concept: gather, and stay.

Therefore, anthropology and colonialism aside, it’s a natural path to where we are today where real estate and dwelling quarters have become capital. Residential and commercial real estate is a long-standing and strong industry.

But just because it’s been around a long time, doesn’t mean the problems are solved. If the industry didn’t have problems and wasn’t affected by changing culture and technological advancements, we wouldn’t have things like months-long escrows, demand exceeding supply in popular or dense areas, mismanaged complexes, a lack of broker data, and no forward-thinking networks connecting agents, tenants, owners, investors, etc.

This is precisely why 2020 real estate technology is the next stomping ground for serial entrepreneurs– or as we like to call it at Rock Candy Media in Austin: PropTech.

On the Breeding & Competing Ground

There isn’t a better breeding and competing ground for emerging tech startups than an entrenched industry with optimization opportunities galore. Just ask our clients HausFli, Contain, Phoenix Construction, or Networth Realty. Would you believe us if we said we never take on the competitors of our clients? These emerging technology brands were built or optimized by us, impacting the industry in different respective ways: from an online auctioning platform for tiny home life, to quiet rebellions on how residential homes are constructed to begin with, to industrial and commercial construction, to a cohesive network to build net worth through real estate.

So no, we’re not surprised in the slightest that, even though commercial and residential real estate has been around for just under as long as humans have been, there’s a LOT of room for passionate founders-to-be to make their mark.

We’ve already got the decade-long intuition-powered expertise on content syndication, growth hacking businesses, geographic segmentation, conversion rate optimization, real estate marketing plans, and more.

If you bring the passion, wild ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and craziness, we promise we can match it.

Get a competitive industry analysis with our CEO and Founder Annie Liao Jones to make your mark on the map.

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