Get on the fast track        

RCM Gives a Damn

We’re Donating Our Brains to Charity
To Prove We Have a Heart

Advertising isn’t a business that always rewards the good guys, the ones working every day to make a difference. At Rock Candy Media, we think that world-class creative campaigns and digital advertising strategies shouldn’t only be the domain of those with deep pockets and long earnings sheets. That is why we created RCM Gives a Damn: full-service advertising and marketing for B corporations and nonprofits.


Same Service, Higher Purpose

RCM Gives a Damn Partners receive the same care and attention as our enterprise clients, and their campaigns will be overseen by our senior team. We equip you with the creativity, strategic thinking and marketing experience to grow faster and do more good.

Increase Your Funding and Our Karma

We can only take on a limited number of RCM Gives a Damn Partners each year due to our motto of 110% or not at all. To see if you’re a fit, request an evaluation from our senior team. We’ll determine if your nonprofit is a match for our digital marketing and online advertising services. If you’re a match, you’ll have the opportunity to add RCM’s marketing power to your team at a special rate.