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Apr 4, 2017    Advocacy

Rock Candy Media First Timers: From Politics to Private Industry


I got into advertising about the same time I got into politics. I noticed that the politicians I followed were pretty lacking on the digital front and thought that I could help. At this time, I had no formal training but I wanted to learn more. I thought that working directly with campaigns would give me a better idea of how they operate and uncover ways to put my love of all things digital to good use. After a few years of learning the ins and outs of political campaign management and advertising, I received an offer to move out to Austin to start work as a political consultant specializing in online fundraising, advocacy, and political advertising.

This new career allowed me to be at the forefront of digital advertising. I think that political advertising is some of the most advanced in the world, as it’s all about identifying these hidden, niche audiences who are otherwise ignored and getting them to buy into your message. This laser-like targeting necessitates that you experiment with many, many, methods of getting a message across.

Working in the political arena wasn’t for me though. I got into that arena because I thought I could help people, but I didn’t see much helping going on.

So I ditched that scene and came to work at Rock Candy Media, where I’m able to put my campaign strategy and marketing consulting skills to use helping business owners. I’m a hyper competitive person, I like to win, I like to get better and I like to do what is right. Working here is the perfect place to feed that fire. Every time one of my ads helps a client close a sale, I feel a genuine rush of excitement and accomplishment because I was able to help someone grow their business and achieve their dream.

We truly believe in our clients, and each day when I’m running their ads I’m constantly trying to improve, and do better than the previous day. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing a client happy, knowing that the hard work they put in their business is rewarded. Rock Candy Media has allowed me to truly find my passion and realize my true potential, while allowing me to do the same thing for our clients.

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