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Mar 9, 2018    Good Company

Why You Should Hire An Ad Agency, Not In-House Creatives


Here’s the thing about creatives: they’re weird as hell. Do you really want to hire your own in-house digital marketing team and have a bunch of crazy, sensitive art school kids running around your office? People you have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on in salaries, benefits, equipment, PTO, and who knows what else? Definitely not. Just look at the average salaries alone:

average yearly salary = $78,316

average yearly salary = $59,183

average yearly salary = $98,397

average yearly salary = $93,346

And trust us, there’s plenty more reasons to hire an advertising agency.

When you hire an advertising agency you pay a nice, neat, fee for an entire marketing team and you won’t have to order non-GMO, organic food every time you cater food. Never will you have to make sure you only order office lunch from restaurants that source their food from a farm where the vegetables are sung lullabies every night, and where there’s no wage gap between the chickens and the humans.

Whether you need graphic design, web development, social media marketing, SEO, Adwords, or any other form of digital marketing, advertising agency is just the way to go. So keep your office peaceful and productive, and let Rock Candy Media do the creative work for you.

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