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Hire a Marketing Person or Marketing Team?

When a smaller business is ready to invest more in marketing, it faces the question of whether to hire an in-house marketing person or outsource to an agency. While we are completely biased, we have a totally compelling argument to go with the agency.

There are very few renaissance men and women out there.

And you probably can’t afford to hire them if you find one. Rather than finding one person who can do everything you need, an ad agency brings together a team of specialists with an established track record and working relationship.

An agency doesn’t need a salary, benefits, vacation, sick days, a desk, or computer.

It’s easy to get an agency up and running. All you have to do is pay them and they’ll take care of their people.

Agencies have a reputation.

Hiring good people can be hit or miss, but ad agencies have reviews and reputations to uphold, so you have a better sense of what you’re getting into.

Agencies provide massive value.

Imagine building an in-house team that offers the same set of services as an agency. According to Indeed, your marketing crew could cost quite a bit:

For a Web Developer,

average yearly salary is $78,316

For a Senior Graphic Designer,

average yearly salary is $59,183

For a Creative Director,

average yearly salary is $98,397

For a Senior Content Manager,

average yearly salary is $93,346

That entire team would cost you $329,242 before taxes and benefits.

Get an Agency Instead

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