Successful Search Optimization

Oldcastle Materials, a trusted international supply and construction company with outposts in Texas, came to us with a website that needed some special attention. After hitting it with a wrecking ball and rebuilding into something beautiful and intuitive, it was time to get that thang on top the front page of Google.

Oldcastle Materials Organic Site Traffic Case Study

Reworking meta tags, alt descriptions, and filling out the backend of Oldcastle’s website optimized search rankings, leading to a 720% increase in organic site traffic. Enhancing the backend of the website allowed for Google to find Oldcastle for more relevant keywords. Paid search can only go so far, and it keeps companies latched into paying Google forever. The content strategists and SEO specialists at RCM understand the importance of creating a well-rounded SEO campaign, which will always include optimizing down to the smallest, grittiest detail to get those search results up and up.