Creating a Target Audience

Kirk Root Designs has been making badass custom jewelry for nearly 30 years. This means they’ve also had to put up with 30 years of corny hearts and cupids every February. Valentine’s Day may have moved units before the sock hop in the 50s, but the modern woman doesn’t need anyone to buy her something nice. This Valentine’s Day, we spoke to the segment of female buyers normally ignored with our Anti-Valentine’s Day campaign.

Kirk Root Designs Case Study

Anti-Valentine’s Day isn’t about flowers or hearts or couples kissing, it’s about rocks and the women who buy them. Our social campaign targeted independent women in Austin. Instead of making them dread this day, we reminded them that they have the power to pick and buy what they want. To sweeten the deal, we combined the offer with once-a-year-discounts by running a targeted ad campaign on social channels. Kirk Root cleared out their old inventory, Austin women felt empowered and we took down an emotionally manipulative holiday.