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Jan 5, 2018    From the CEO

Our Boss Makes Us Want To Work Harder


As a millennial, it’s hard to imagine someone starting an advertising agency in Austin from scratch. Yes, you always hear about some cool new food truck that’s taking off or a hot new clothing company that’s revolutionizing the way you buy socks online, or whatever. What you hear about far less is someone who’s starting out and taking off in an industry like advertising and marketing.

Once I started researching Austin ad agencies and finally began working here, I got it. Annie is completely different than any person I’ve met in the industry. She has this authentic, “let’s go all out” mentality that is infectious. It’s the kind of atmosphere we millennials look for. A place where the work feels like it matters. Annie created an Austin ad agency that is making waves — that’s why we’re not just one of the best marketing firms in Austin, we’re a top media and advertising company in central Texas. We’re committed to our clients and our success.

In fact, our team’s high-achiever mentality was never more apparent than recently, when they employed their familiar, guerrilla marketing tactics to help Annie win the 2017 Austin Women’s Way’s Digital Influencer of the Year award.

Our marketing firm grows because Annie cares about the clients, not because she cares about growth itself. Nevertheless, our revenue almost doubled from 2015 to 2016, and is still trending up.

Though finding new ways to grow can feel difficult at times, Annie has never lost sight of her vision to build an ad agency based on what she would want if the roles were reversed and she were the client: a boutique agency that quickly responds and adapts to client needs, works one on one with clients, and serves as both advertising experts and sales consultants.

Annie has proven that small can be big. That’s why I love working here.

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