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Oct 27, 2017    Good Company

We Aren’t In It For The Awards


We’re not interested in hipster downtown warehouse offices or trophies for cute campaigns. Big advertising agencies are scattered around Austin and some have become well-established and very successful. Others seem to be following trends of being in a “hip” industry. Rock Candy Media isn’t here to be a part of any trends or win awards for emotionally manipulative commercials that make you shed a tear.


At RCM we’re into results, results, and then improving those results. In a world where ROI is too important to the client, we have to create campaigns that produce measureable and valuable results. We care way more about reaching clients’ goals and delivering quality campaigns than winning ourselves awards or being viewed as “hip.” That’s not our job. Sure, we would love to win all the awards in the world, but making clients happy and exceeding their expectations is kind of like an award to us. And don’t get us wrong, winning awards for great ads and clever campaigns is always exciting. But we don’t create content to win awards, we create great content to produce results.


It doesn’t take a whole army to produce a marketing campaign. A lot of advertising agencies and marketing firms around Austin have over 100 employees in different departments that manipulate campaigns and communication with the client. Here at RCM, we’re lean, and we get stuff done in a simple, straightforward way. Right now there’s five people in the production room, three in the meeting room, and one person probably getting snacks in the kitchen. That’s it and that’s about all we need, really. Our tight knit team thrives on open communication and being on the same page.


And to drive home the main point: we’re not like other Austin advertising firms and Austin marketing agencies. We are the Anti-Template. We create campaigns that set our clients apart from their competition and we do things differently. The RCM way.

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