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Jul 3, 2019    Burn Book

THAT’S Crystal Ball-less Leadership


As it turns out, treating your employees like workhorses or white hat robots isn’t great for morale and retention – and therefore not great for business.

As a business owner, what do you do every day to future-proof your brand? If the answer is, “I don’t know, I just keep us moving forward,” or “Keeping up with technological advancements,” you’re missing something BIG.

Not being future-proof should scare the living hell out of you if you have any stake in a business or brand.

(1) Being around for the long haul, (2) creating a legacy, and (3) staying successful through industry ups and downs doesn’t come easy. So we’ve put together all our knowledge as an Austin marketing firm / Austin advertising agency / team of wild creatives to show you one important key to success:

Investing in your people to create next-gen leaders and ever-modernized skill sets.

We don’t care what industry you’re in — with the technological landscape of this era, some positions will cease to exist and impossible-to-guess positions will come into existence. Some businesses will become obsolete, and some will manage to ride the wave into the future. These are the ones that managed to keep the perfect team around them despite not having a magic crystal ball.

These are the businesses that put time and resources into employee education, from technological certifications and multi-topic classes to partnering with education platforms and rewarding those that gain new skills.

Not having a crystal ball isn’t an excuse not to invest in your brand’s succession of leadership and money-making.

In fact, it’s the main excuse behind businesses failure.

So are you future-proofed and future-focused? Or will you sink alongside every other brand owner that thought blind investment in their people wasn’t important to company success?

And if you’re unsure what this should look like for your company or don’t know how to deviate from your course from here, lucky for you, you can sit down with Rock Candy Media’s head honcho. She didn’t hack the hack market and put together the weirdest team of creatives to form an Austin digital growth marketing agency for nothing.

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