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Feb 4, 2020    Burn Book

Telehealth Just Made it Oldschool to Deliver Medicine in Hospitals


It turns out, there’s no reason anymore that medicine and health screenings need to take place in a hospital.

Not when so much of it only needs the internet, and for some, a telehealth product (like an internet-connected T1D monitor) or a smartphone app for patient-provider communication.

Thanks to the merging of technology and healthcare, telemedicine is not only more accessible by being more affordable, it’s more accessible because you don’t have to be near a hospital or doctor’s office to receive treatment.

Moving past all the types of telemedicine products/services and telehealth business plans, which we’ve covered in the past (more than once), it’s not just about medicine being more readily available in rural places or without leaving the home at all.

It’s now also about providing telemedicine in places people already go regularly, resulting in more preventative treatment (which we know is WAY cheaper than treatment after something goes horribly wrong).

For example, Cleveland has very recently started noticing that basically every place consumers go has high speed internet. Combining places with high speed connected networks with the delivery of telemedicine, barber shops and salons across the city have been equipped to screen for hypertension (more on that here). Considering the average income levels of different Cleveland populations, this isn’t just convenient and cool. It’s saving lives and providing preventative measures to people that can’t afford to see a doctor regularly.

On the Topic of Doing Good

We hate to say it, but doing good for the population takes money. And when it doesn’t take THAT much money, it takes awareness. Every well-intended project for the public takes some serious strategic marketing and careful brand strategy if it’s going to have the desired impact.

That’s why we dig deep into the goals and strategy behind businesses like biotech companies, telemedicine apps, virtual care, and figure out exactly what kind of telemedicine advertising they need. Because it will never be the same, it will be growing and changing just as fast as the industry is.

Lucky for telehealth business owners, staying ahead of marketing trends and advertising strategies is kind of our thing. We take what you’re best at, and show the world. That’s what we’re best at.

We didn’t become Austin’s top performance marketing agency by following rules. So whatever you’re doing to shake up the healthcare industry, we’re on it. Want to see?

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