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Nov 8, 2019    Industry Intrigue

Telehealth Called, It Wants Its Ad Strategy Back


Your telehealth product (telemedicine, telecare, whatever word suits your business best) is actually not about cost or convenience. It’s about peace of mind.

If you’re a video chat app between a nurse and a patient, people are looking to be diagnosed faster than the time it takes to schedule and get to an in-person visit. Yes, it’s probably cheaper too, especially if the other option is the ER or urgent care. But what they really want? Quicker answers that ease anxiety.

If you’re a birth control subscription service, your customers may love the convenience. But if you’re not capitalizing on the peace of mind of having a prescription delivered always on time meaning they won’t miss a pill and panic, you’re doing it wrong.

If you’re a virtual therapy platform, your customers want the peace of mind of knowing they can talk to someone anytime, anywhere.

Don’t Downplay the Revolution

No, it’s not the tech you should sell. Or the affordability. Not even the convenience. At the surface level, it’s accessibility. On the deepest level though, you’re selling an anxiety reducer. A reliability.

Your telehealth business plan doesn’t need an ad, it needs a story. Your story starts with making your customers feel better just knowing you exist in their lives. Keep the story going and sell more effortlessly by hiring the right telehealth marketing strategists— the ones that know all the ways your story could go.

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