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Dec 16, 2019    Burn Book

Startup Treading Water? Learn How to Ride Ahead of the Fintech Wave


If there’s one way to sum up the decade, it’s a tech-fed culmination of a shift in faith from banks and corporations to grassroots and peer-to-peer ideas.

Whether or not you have ideals against the traditional ‘system,’ you can’t argue that the rise of peer-to-peer services and businesses as separate from entrenched industries as possible are on the rise, and getting a lot of consumer attention. People want to create and use new solutions that deviate from industry traditions.

When combined with high interest rates, a decline of trust, and 1 in 4 Americans still in student loan debt, the idea of getting loans from banks is falling to the wayside when such easy technology is available for peer-to-peer lending.

The general consensus is, why rely on big banks when we can help each other? And this is only one app in a slough of emerging fintech ideas.

And if you know us, we didn’t become the top performance growth agency in Austin by sticking to the traditional. We live (almost annoyingly) with the bootstrap and grassroots mentality, which is why we have heart eyes toward all the fintech startups popping up.

So how do you get ahead? When the zeitgeist is ready for you, when the ideal is there, how do you find yourself at the top of fintech? Because it’s more than hiring a design agency for financial services. It’s more than Googling fintech digital marketing agency and picking the one that looks the most modern (although, we do look pretty sleek these days).

What you must look for, to ensure deviation from the industry norm, originality, reliability, and scalability, is the willingness to be daring.

No new businesses pop up without some sort of cultural lack-of. Sliced bread came out because people noticed the extra convenience. iPhones came out once everyone was already carrying around a flip phone plus an iPod. Teslas broke through in a niche of environmentally friendly, luxury, and (relative) affordability.

So when you come on the scene, a hot new fintech startup, whether you’re focusing on budgeting, banking, p2p lending, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, mobile payments, stock trading, or what have you, why would you focus on the predictable ways of marketing? Why would you focus on convenience and originality? You need more than that. Otherwise you’ll fall in with the crowd of other poser startups.

So what do we mean by willingness to be daring when looking for a digital agency for financial services / fintech marketing agency…

Look for:

Ideas that make you nervous.

Copy that surprises you.

Pitches that deviate from the professional norm.

Boutique agencies that know, like you, what it takes to get off the ground.

Lean and mean teams that notice and add to your sweat equity.

Fintech as an industry is growing fast. If you want to be riding the wave instead of treading behind it, set up a positioning analysis with our CEO.

We’ll give it to you straight and show you how we became, over the last decade, the top growth and branding agency in Austin and have the twice-nominated Best CEO.

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