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Dec 16, 2019    Burn Book

Balancing Audacity w/ Simplicity: The Lean & Mean Agency Model


Industry-trembling, precedent-setting, overnight-success startups happen. Take Hims, Brandless, Glossier, 437 Swimwear, Casper for example.

They happen, reaching massive valuation and revenue within a year of officially launching. In turn, this leaves industry leaders and long-standing brands scratching their heads about what they didn’t think of, and what they’re missing that might allow this new competitor to overtake them in the years to come.

But they didn’t happen alone.

You’ve heard this from us before: heart over head leadership. Daring risks trump logistics and statistics. Young and dumb is the only headspace to stay in.

These are the crazy values we look for in founders when we, Rock Candy Media in Austin, TX, decide whether or not to take on a pre-launch startup as a client. If we can see their sweat and tears for ourselves, we know we’ll be a good fit.

And that — taking pre-launch startups and pre-execution ideas — is how we operate. And the marketers behind those overnight successes we mentioned earlier? That’s how they got to where they are today too. Those top, new brands were marketed, branded, and designed by small teams at relatively boutique agencies.

Your product or service doesn’t want to enter the industry and start climbing. You want to plough through the industry wall and find yourself on top, disorienting as that might be.

Because that right there is where we’re used to being. We actually specialize in head-spinning.

Rock Candy Media can throw around buzzwords all day about a full-service ad agency, branding boutique, design agency, marketing firm, growth hacking, top performance agency, best graphic design companiesetc. But at the end of the day, we are a small but mighty group of highly talented and passionate individuals that, over the decade that Rock Candy Media has been turning heads, know exactly how to do the unrepeatable with your brand.

We balance audacity with simplicity. We know who to target, when, and how. We know what your competitors are up to before they do, and we get you in front of them. Our clients, whether we just helped them launch or have been maintaining and growing with them for years, have tired necks from looking back on their competitors so often.

There are big brand agencies out there. You can Google the likes of ‘growth hacker full service marketing firm’ and see who’s paid the most to be at the top of the search results. But organically? Authentically? Through weird ideas and the ideas that make our clients nervous? That’s where we are.

Building brands from scratch, never taking on a client that’s a competitor of yours, and putting ourselves in the middle of your startup chaos, that’s where we are.

Noticing your sweat equity, investing personally in your success just as you do, and publishing the case studies to prove it, that’s where we are.

Not pitching for huge accounts at HBO and Nike. Not clawing for attention from the stone giants.

Hustling beside you, investing in you, aligning beliefs with you, growing with you, adapting and changing with you, succeeding with you. That’s where we are.

Where do you want to be?

If it’s somewhere with us, have a sit-down with our head honcho and ask all the questions you want. We’re all crazy here, and it’s because she hired us that way.

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