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Mar 27, 2017    Good Company

RCM Speaks: Our Favorite Creative Campaigns


The best part about working at an advertising agency and marketing firm (and one of the best naming agenciesis the amount of creativity that we get to put into our work. You wouldn’t realize it by the way advertising is portrayed on TV, but creative agency campaigns are surprisingly uncommon. There are many ad agencies who find a niche (say dentistry) and pump out dozens of cheap, identical sites. Thankfully, we’d never do that. It would hurt our clients and be boring as hell. To celebrate creativity, the Rock Candy Media team has identified a few of their favorite creative advertising campaigns, websites and other awesome work that we’ve done over the past few years.

Sam Kimelman – Managing Partner, Creative Director

The Creative: Austin Urology Institute Long Center Campaign

Why We Love It: Dr. Koushik Shaw and Austin Urology Institute are pioneers in urologic treatment in Texas and they specialize in men’s health, specifically robotic prostate cancer treatment. To help make Austin more in awe of Shaw, we partnered with the Long Center for a series of urinal placards aimed at men who might be having trouble sitting through the show. The copy made reference to theater while the artwork was based on the imagery you see on bathroom signs, so it fit the venue and its location therein.

Scott Mise – Lead Web Developer, Partner

The Creative: Geomedia Interactive Website

Why We Love It: Production and virtual reality development company Geomedia, needed a site that was as leading-edge as the services that they offered. The challenge was communicating the vast amount of services they offer at just a glance. While the sliders on each page really delve into everything they do, the videos bring the work to life and quickly show all their capabilities by quickly fading through past projects.

Kyle Gregory – Creative Director RCM WEST, Partner

The Creative: Rock Candy Media Google Display Campaign

Why We Love It: Our clients aren’t the only ones who get badass campaigns. Google display ads (which you’ve seen, even if you don’t realize it) are usually either boring or tacky or both. So what better way to demonstrate the value of creativity than by applying our own marketing muscles to a Google display campaign. This campaign allowed us to show off, call out the competition and indulge our love of giant monsters all at once.

Jessica Stockton – Digital Ad Strategist

The Creative: Austin Urology Institute Vasectomy Campaign

Why We Love It: We’re no strangers to medical marketing and while we love highlighting all the high-tech gear and life-saving services that our clients provide, but sometimes you need to have a little fun. Vasectomies really shouldn’t be scary (they take like 15 minutes), but men still fear them for some reason. To add a little humor to such a sensitive subject, we had the good doctor show off some antiquated snipping instruments. Who could fear that smiling mug?

Donald Fritz – Senior Digital Ad Strategist

The Creative: C. Kirk Root Designs TX Legislature Campaign

Why We Love It: Donald is a nerd, so the kind of creativity that excites him is the creative deployment of ads. The beginning of 2017 saw the return of the Texas legislative session, and with it, a rush of legislators, aides and other politicos to our hometown of Austin. This campaign was all about tactical deployment. In order to capitalize on the capitol, we geotargeted our ads to the statehouse and ran them only during legislative hours to politicians and the people who like to flatter politicians by buying them jewelry.

kirk root lege campaign

Stefanie McBride – Lead UX Graphic Designer

The Creative: Infinite Recovery Testimonials Campaign

Why We Love It: Addiction is serious and the work that treatment center Infinite Recovery does changes lives every day. For this campaign, we used former clients’ own words to tell the story of recovery. The use of compelling eye contact and direct, real copy from the testimonials created a lot of emotion and validation for the work Infinite Recovery is doing to help individuals and their families battling addiction.

Infinite Recovery Testimonial Infinite Recovery Testimonial

Sean Harris – Lead Content Strategist

The Creative: Rock Candy Media Gives A Damn Campaign

Why We Love It: We’ve got big hearts at Rock Candy Media, which is why we started RCM Gives A Damn, where we help nonprofits out with their advertising and fundraising. Too often, great work is undone by terrible creative. Rather than put any real nonprofits on blast, we came up with our own examples of how bad messaging can sink a good cause.

RCM Gives A Damn RCM Gives A Damn

Brad Bond – Senior UX/UI Designer

The Creative: Harry Ransom Center Travelogue

Why We Love It: The Harry Ransom Center is one of the finest repositories of art and culture in the world, so they hired the most artistic and cultured marketing firm in the world for their holiday campaign. To get the people of Austin jazzed about the thousands of priceless artifacts right under their noses, we created a travelogue booklet that visitors could use to record their thoughts, feelings and observations each time they visited the center. Through vintage design and juxtaposition of type faces along with great subject matter, this project had everything Brad enjoys working with. It was a great and interesting companion piece to the fantastic voyage through literature, art, photography, film and performing arts.

Harry Ransom Center Travelogue

Sidney Brown – Operations Manager

The Creative: Stratfor Subscriber Campaign

Why We Love It: Stratfor is a valuable source of in-depth analysis and reporting for decision makers the world over. However, in-depth analysis and reporting isn’t exactly sexy. We rebooted their brand to one that can compete in the modern media landscape and stand out in a crowded field.

Stratfor Bliss Ad

Stratfor Fit Ad

These are some of our favorites, but really, every piece of art we create and creative campaign we strategize is like a precious child. You can get to know more our children on our proof page. If you want to see how our marketing consulting genius can help your business, apply for a positioning analysis.

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