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Oct 30, 2018    From the CEO

Robot Sex Before Breakfast


The year is 2041, and your asexual robot butler, Dionysus, wakes you up with a lift on the latch of your hyperbaric oxygen chamber, makes you a cup of coffee, fills you in on the latest news, offers you a handjob to start your day, and toasts you a perfectly crisp piece of bread just the way you like it.

Much like your perfectly cooked slice of dough and flour, the world you currently reside in is entirely technologically dependent and fully customized to meet your exact needs and preferences. The bidet in your temperature monitored bathroom knows just the spot to clean you up after your business, and your emotionally competent TV remote can read the pulse patterns in your hand to suggest possible movies you’re in the mood for.

Although we might be a few years away from multi-functioning sex-robot-butlers and emotionally capable electronics, a new era of technology is beginning to weave its way in and out of our everyday lives like vines in a garden.

The digital garden that these technological vines grow from, however, is extremely crowded by shrubs and branches which take the form of privilege and exclusivity. The privilege and exclusivity I refer to have to do with the select few individuals who, at first, will be the only ones with access to these innovations in technology.

But why?

Why do only a small selection of people get to enjoy these advancements in mankind while the rest of us sit in the background twiddling our thumbs, forced to prepare our own meals and wipe our own ass?

Well, the main, and seemingly too frequent answer to that question is money. Those select few individuals tend to be the ones with more funds who can afford these game changers in the marketplace, and thus, incorporate and enjoy them as a part of their everyday lives.

The fact of the matter is that there is a serious gap between the time the 1% is introduced to innovations in the technology world, and when the rest of us are introduced to it. What this leaves us with are communities and societies who fall behind the rest leading to a slower development of our world in general – something that doesn’t sit well with the fast-paced lifestyle that RCM constantly strives for.

But income level is too easy an answer for the dilemma we have on our hands, and an answer that can be broken down into other factors.

Production Cost vs. Price Point

Obviously, the attainability of any tech product, and any product in general, is going to be determined by the manufacturer’s production costs and as a result, what they determine to be a reasonable price point.

Without getting too much into the nitty-gritty of up-time optimization, resource efficiency, employee management and all the other details that make us worship our non-corporate lifestyles, let’s talk instead about what we as an internet marketing and advertising agency are more familiar with.

Making You Look Good

Whether it’s through elaborate content writing skills or stimulating landing pages, we know how to shape your brand into something people will want to spend money on and throw themselves at like a single mom at a frat party during parents weekend. But why does this matter for the people who fall outside an income level that would allow them access to your tech product?

Investors: The old days of Wall Street where companies are represented by black and white spec sheets and data analytics are long gone. The foul-mouthed, unrepented dialogue of trading floors, not so much. But what’s changed is that investors are now more likely to consider the numbers in addition to the dexterity and personality of a fully fleshed out brand. The overall goal here is to get the capital needed to bump that price point down to an attainable level for a wider spectrum of customers to purchase and utilize.

Affiliation: For the same reason you hung out at the cybergoth cafe and smoked cigarettes, you want to affiliate yourself with something you think of as cool or likeable (even though you’ve now come to your senses and ditched the nose gauges). A company and their product are no different. If you can develop a brand and voice that really connects with an audience you might not even need to drop the price point and society can start taking advantage of the opportunities in tech that your product has brought to the horizon. However, this is a feat that some of the top advertising agencies in Austin have always struggled with. But one we’ve always experimented with.


Making It Pop

In addition to branding, your tech product is going to need the right promotion. In the heydays of Microsoft, people from the tech world could be best described, well, like Bill Gates, who aside from his never-ending spectrum of ingenuity and vast depth of brilliance, can be characterized as a gray, boring, old man. However, as one of the leading Austin ad agencies for technology and IT, we’ve seen some individuals enter the scene that are anything but gray, boring, or old.

Similar to our recently cited examples of toast-making sex robots and TV remotes that know what you’re going through, there are some really kick ass tech products making their way into the markets. But there are some issues.

Reach: The executives at the forefront of these new and emerging tech products are cunning beyond belief. That goes without question. Their ideation and urge to expand on ideas is amazing and truly inspiring. However, these same individuals don’t know how to reach the right audiences. The meal has been made by the cook, but there’s no one to serve it up to the guest. And that’s where we come in. Take a closer look at our serving strategies, here.

Simplification: After coding, development, and the installation of a highly complex tech product, product developers tend to get in a state of mind similar to tunnel vision. They attempt to explain their product like they would to themselves or coworkers, usually incorporating advanced diction and technological terms that go way over the head of the customer. What you’re left with is an audience who has no idea what your product does, and even worse, they can’t see all the ways in which it would benefit their life. Take it from an internet marketing and advertising agency with experience, the range of diversity and individuality of the products and companies we’ve represented have allowed us to not only think outside the box, but reinvent it. We know how to simplify a product without dumbing it down.


Besides flexing our creativity and finding new ways for businesses to navigate the digital world, we’re just like everyone else. We enjoy machine-generated handjobs and ready-made breakfast just as the next guy. That’s why we want to help you and your tech endeavors make an impact on a world that has a thirst for innovation. You’ve already made the next big thing. Now let them have it.

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