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Jan 17, 2020    Burn Book

The Silent Killer Slowly Decaying Your Brand


Every proactive business owner, whether it’s a microbrand or a massive conglomerate, knows that targeting deficiencies and ridding weaknesses are some of the best ways to keep your brand sharp. Cleansing the bits and pieces of your organization that slow down production and enhancing the parts that amplify growth. But what are those sluggish components? And how do you find them when brands are comprised of so many different features and factors?

Most CEOs and growth consultants will tell you that things like production overhead, bad press, poor in vs. out rates, and high employee turnover are some of the most damaging things that can happen to your business on a consistent basis. And while those are poisonous features of a brand that will carry it in the wrong direction, there is something else that several brands and marketing agencies do that they have no idea is slowly and silently devaluing their organization. That silent killer is repetition.

Why Is Repetition So Bad?

When you’re doing the same thing long enough and it gives you results that are “good enough”, it can become easy to fall in a funk. The integrated marketing strategy you’ve put together is giving you the results you expect. The results that you’ve grown content with over the years because of its consistency. In other words, A+B=C. You know what ‘C’ is going to be and you’re okay with it.

But what you have to consider about this method is the unknown. Variable ‘D’ if you will. The unknown can scare a lot of people, especially if you fall into the above category of a brand or marketing agency that has relied on the same thing for so long. But as growth hackers with a reputation for exploring the unknown, we’re here to tell you that the unknown is where innovation breathes and production flourishes.

You see, we’ve never been able to stick to just one method, one integrated marketing strategy. As the anti-template, we’ve found our success and grown our clients by trying new things and exploring ideas that were never done before. Luckily, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with brands who are as fearless as we are, and welcomed the unknown. And lucky for them, it’s always worked out.

So you might be wondering how exactly you chase variable ‘D’. The way in which you go about tackling new and adventurous ideas. While it’s true we’ve never done something twice, you can still approach the unknown with a similar stance that you took previously. A stance that consists of calculated risks.

Plugging In Your Constant

If all we did inside the decade that Rock Candy Media has been around was take blind shots in the dark, we would be nowhere near where we are today. We’re not telling you to take giant leaps of faith and low-probability gambles. We’re telling you to make educated guesses and take calculated risks.

If you’re planning on conducting a truly original AdWords campaign that directly takes traffic from your competitors, it’s important that you have strategists or a growth consultant that feel comfortable in that area. If you’re planning on creating a digital awards platform from scratch then you better know what kind of content is worthy of praise. There’s no shame in dipping your toe and testing the waters before launching yourself belly-first into the deep end of the pool. The important thing is that you jump and actually test your landscape. Because if you don’t, how will you ever know how warm the water really is?

Mustering the Courage

It doesn’t matter if you’re a microbrand looking for your first marketing strategy or a century-old conglomerate looking for your 100th, it can be scary to make a change and try something new. That’s why it never hurts to have a seasoned growth consultant who bathes in the unknown to escort you on your way to greatness.

At Rock Candy Media, we’ve always said that if our growth strategies don’t scare you, then we’re not doing our jobs right. Variable ‘D’ is like a pit bull that you’re only scared of until you cuddle up next to it and earn its trust. Exploring the unknown marketing depths of growth hacking is no different. We might not know what the future holds, or what riches lie ahead, but we’re confident we can get there if we always ante up and never fold.

So if you think you’re ready to tackle the unknown and shed your brand of the repetitive and overused tactics that keep you static, drop us a message. The water might be murky and the fog may be dense, but we promise you that your buried treasure is out there. Let’s find it.

Let Your Curiosity Take Control