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Mar 20, 2018    Burn Book

Read the Bio Before You Swipe Right On Tinder


Look at you, you’ve done it again. Another weekend spent binge watching some show involving dragons, mid-century English drama, a questionable amount of cybernetic violence, dystopian nightmares, or telekinetic tweens who eat Eggos. All whilst perusing some bottomless pit of a dating app. Our holy trinity of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime knows us better than any hookup ever can (which is saying something since many of us aren’t even using our own Netflix logins).

They know us. You know us (even if you don’t like us). But, what about your target market? Do you know them, like, know them know them? Are you the type to read the bio or swipe right for the sake of swiping?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how badass or flashy your perfectly crafted Facebook ad is if it’s not getting to the right people. We know, we know, defining the target market is a basic AF step when starting your ~marketing journey~

*cue waterfall and gong noises*

However, you’d be absolutely shocked, flabbergasted, and SHOOK to know how often marketing and advertising teams/agencies still muck this up. Don’t be that person. You’re better than that.

Which brings us to the titular point of this post. If your ideal customer had a Tinder, you’d want to be sure y’all would have bios that inspired each other. You don’t want to be the regrettable hookup, you want to be the whirlwind date they’ve been waiting for. You know, the one where you’d start with dinner and cocktails at Moonshine followed by a concert at Stubbs and a stroll down Congress? Yeah, we’re that kind of date (sup).

That’s why we challenge ourselves to dig a little deeper. Really take the time to know your people. Step back from your fine-tuned, not lame SEO, and turn those anonymous numbers into actual human beings. If your target demographic loves craft beer labels and the only beers you can name start with Bud or end with Light, how can you leverage this knowledge to your advantage? Honestly, how can you look at yourself in the mirror? Craft beers are delicious and much better than the piss water you’re drinking. We’re willing to throw hands for our craft beer snobbery so, square up.

A simple Google search, Facebook group, or craft beer tasting (seriously, step your game up) could be the defining factor between marketing agencies being in perfect harmony with their clients and target audiences. Everyday we try hard not to be a f*ckboi marketing agency that’s only in it for SXSW perks and a ping pong table in the breakroom. We do that by being bold and giving a shit…and planning beautiful dates in downtown Austin.

Written by guest contributor Ciara Cook

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