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Feb 20, 2020    Burn Book

Performance Marketers: The Biscuit Riskers


Can you guess what we’re suckers for?

Because it’s not only the most trendy ideas.

It’s not always the initial head turners and deal makers.

Sometimes, it’s the one everyone else overlooked. Sometimes, it’s the:

 — Business that is nothing but a notion

 — An idea in need of execution

 — A stream of consciousness in need of a brand

 — The startup that’s not even in the garage yet, just at someone’s desk in a building owned by someone else

We get why people think marketing and branding agencies don’t want to take on a client that’s too risky. It makes sense — invest your people in ideas you have faith in. The problem is, lots of ideas worth having faith in are shrouded in risk. And since our founder and CEO risked everything a decade ago to make Rock Candy Media in Austin what it is today (also, thanks for the jobs, Annie), basically we see no reason why the riskiest ideas aren’t the best ones.

Real performance marketing agencies and growth media services take on the clients not that have everything together, but the ones with the most heart and soul.

That’s what we’re suckers for. The startups that make it are the ones with the most passion. So if you’ve got it, we can flaunt it. No matter whether you’re trying to optimize an existing sales funnel, manage social media or SEO, or don’t know where to start in finding a name and logo.

We’re suckers for the underdogs. Show us where you are, where you started, where you’re starting, and we’ll show you how to get where you’re going. We’ve done it before.

Sit down with our CEO and risk it.

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