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Nov 23, 2020    Burn Book

People Don’t Believe My Boss Exists, Part 20


I don’t know what percentage of the population would agree with me, but I find a lot of comfort knowing my boss, Rock Candy Media’s CEO Annie, is having just as much of a mental breakdown as everyone else (including me) this year.

Employees and bosses are all just humans in the sh/t show that is 2020, and yet I’d bet 80% of people can’t talk to their bosses honestly about how their brain is fried, like, super easily every day this year.

People don’t believe my boss exists.

Let me illustrate why with this mood board of texts from her.

Life sucks 🙄

I’m disturbed AF

It be me

It’s like we are in the matrix

Thank you for, like, thinking


I’m trolling bad ads lol

All caps and exclamation points… I want to kill people that need attention to say nothing

You’re smart AF

F### em

It be you and it be me

You’re like an extension of me but better 

In summary? Well, memes, and this:

Me: I feel like trash

Annie: Girl if you are feeling out of it I say that’s good and aware. People are dumb AF. Let me know if you need anything.

After a year and a half with Rock Candy Media, even though I’m 100% remote, I’m convinced standardized corporate professionalism is for people who don’t know how to act. And robots.

To many, this may look like I vomited random texts and meme screenshots onto a page and hit publish. But to some, the ones we like to work with, its various messages are assuring and reassuring me of one very important detail about my (work) life: My boss is a human, she knows I’m a human, and we’re all just doing our best in a year no one could have prepared for. Not even the doomsdayers.

I like that people don’t believe my boss exists. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to classic offices. People are meant to talk to people like people, employer/employee/client alike. It makes me wonder less why all of the sudden everyone needs a lesson in authenticity. It’s because

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