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Jul 25, 2019    Industry Intrigue

Fighting Linear Thought with Different Identities



Watching the marketing world around us grow, we’ve seen more and more advertising agencies, branding consultancies, and smaller firms getting bought up by large media conglomerates than we’ve seen people posting a Facebook status about a cause they will never actually support. And if you’re familiar with the number of things people complain about today, that’s quite a lot.

While some of these media conglomerates appear to be dominating the world of advertising, buying up nearly all of the space on all major forums, are they really producing the best content? Or the most unique?

It’s undeniable that the acquisition of smaller agencies like growth hacking consultancies, public relations firms, and design boutiques will lead to more of a full-service integrated advertising service. But what’s the impact on how teams think and deviate from one another once everybody is under the same roof? Eventually, people start adopting the same thought processes and ways of thinking. And a majority of times these thought processes tend to belong to the original agency who founded the conglomerate snowball that you have since lost yourself in. That you’ve assimilated into.

At Rock Candy Media, we fight assimilation, as we believe that great ideas are made from a bunch of different ideas, that come from individually minded people. Our branding consultancy knows what happens to firms that get bought up by conglomerates. They fade into the mist, become a peg in some tilted chair, instead of being their own beautiful piece of furniture.

The Proliferation of Linear Thinking

As we’ve mentioned previously, adding pr, design, content, and other capabilities to your advertising arsenal will lead to a full-service integrated advertising service. Which is oftentimes, the only kind of advertising service companies and brands consider.

But whether you’re a conglomerate or a smaller agency, you must preserve the unique quality of each department and the people within it. As they are the motor and engine that drive your car. The pegs that hold up the bottom of your seat. The problem with being a big conglomerate, in this case, is that it is often harder to keep everyone from bleeding into each other. From assimilating and adopting the same thought processes and ways of thinking.

Once a PR firm or growth marketing consultant becomes a part of a bigger organization, they are often introduced to a strict code of conduct or rules and regulations to go by. It’s the only way you can manage several entities at once. And as a result, they start becoming confined to a certain mode of thought that everyone else is also following.

Our branding consultancy thinks this constriction is worse than being forced to listen to NPR while eating a plain salad. At Rock Candy Media, we give our employees and differentiating departments wiggle room to try new things and to implement their own creative ideas. Their unique minds are what we hired them for in the first place, wasn’t it?

Our Hoola-Hoops Are Cooler

You can think of our agency as that random guy at a concert dancing at the top of the field away from the rest of the crowd. Our own rhythm. Our own vibe. One that was formed by the unique perspectives of our employees and their own identities and personal ways of thinking.

So you and your acronym agency can keep adding letters to the back of your name. We’ll keep moving to our own currents and producing waves that our customers have loved for years.

Let Your Curiosity Take Control