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4 Traits of a Fearless Growth Agency


From a company or young brand’s position, it’s difficult to get a gauge on who your ideal growth agency could be. With so many different digital marketing agencies in the Austin area, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

But if there was a way to “probe” all of these growth agencies at once. To gauge them under the same scrutinized criteria that offer a better glimpse at the success or downfall of their agency. Would you take it? If you want your business to flourish, you’re probably going to say yes.

But first, you have to define these variables to compare the growth agency to.

1. Recognition/Sight

Being able to recognize good talent. Knowing when to hit the eject button on good projects and when to chase potential unicorns all make for a fearless growth agency. But finding out how effective their recognition capabilities are can be difficult. That’s why checking out past clients and work is a great way to see if they have good taste.

2. Communicating like actual people

If you talk like you’re writing me an email while we’re sitting face to face chances are you won’t make it at our growth agency. When you talk to people like an actual living, breathing human, communicating becomes much smoother.

People will be able to emote and express themselves as real people. The more we try speaking as polite as possible and artificial is the moment we stop producing real human work. Which is what good advertising is. No customer wants to be talked to like a robot. Speak to you consumer how you would any way else and if your pitch is good they will follow suit.

3. Have a Fearless Team

Recruiting is stressful, but when it pays out, it pays big. When you get a team behind you that likes to collaborate with one another the end result is always good. Even if the deliverable doesn’t make ends meet you had minds working together to put together something worth selling. And it only gets better from there. Refining a creative department in a growth marketing consultancy takes time and especially patience. If your team is willing to stick it through thick and thin you might just end up with work that gets somewhere significant.

4. Knowing When to Not Give A F*ck

All too often people, businesses, and even growth agencies become their own worst enemies because they start caring too much about what other people in and outside of their industry will think.

But it’s the moment when you do those things that exist outside your industry’s normal realm of behavior that you get recognized for being innovational. Yea, you might go through periods where people laugh at you, shut you down, and belittle your ideas. And some of your ideas might even fail. But if you don’t care about those opinions, and keep ideating, keep inventing, then eventually you will come up with that next great idea.

At that point, everyone forgets about all your failed ideas, and marvel over the beautiful one you just created. But you can’t forget about those failures. They are the prototypes that got you to your final model.

And they are still prototypes. Continue to explore new ideas, but never hesitate to reflect back on old ideas and thoughts you had that might’ve never really made it to the printing room. Modify them. Rethink them. Who knows where it might get you?

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