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Jan 20, 2020    From the CEO

Forced vs. Chosen Risk: The True American Dream


As a top marketing and design agency in Austin, Rock Candy Media knows it’s not always easy to describe what we do. And what we do, is describe what you do in a way that boosts your brand, your business, your sales, your success.

We look at your fintech product, we look at your telehealth business plan, your real estate or retail goals, we look at your dreams and we figure out how a performance based branding agency can take you from Point A to Point Z (Point B seems boring… and probably too easy for us).

No matter your idea, no matter what industry, we can figure out how to get you on top. Why?

What WE do best, is prove to ourselves and the world what YOU do best. And we can show you exactly what that looks like.

Our CEO and Founder, Annie Liao Jones, is the daughter of immigrants. Her parents uprooted their lives in Taiwan to provide greater opportunities for her and her entire family. It’s the perfect example of the American Dream, which is obviously less and less attainable in reality.

Annie loves that she, in her experiences and life achievements, stands on the shoulders and the experiences of her parents that got her here to begin with. Because as immigrants, her parents did what they had to do. It was, of course, risky.

The Luxury of Chosen Risk

So Annie, as an aspiring business owner, worried them a fair amount when she decided she wanted to be an entrepreneur. That wasn’t necessarily the stable, 401(k), benefits-included, low-stress 9-5 job they wanted for her.

But, because of their risk of HAVING to move to the U.S. to give her and her siblings better opportunities, she was given the luxury of CHOOSING risk.

Rock Candy Media’s success as a top advertising agency in Austin, and all it has to tout after a decade of success (Best CEO wins and nominations, the kind of press we get our clients, and more) is proof that Annie’s parents clawed their way up the American Dream and made it the reality not many see.

Rock Candy Media in Austin is proof that we, as a team Annie hand-picked, are the best at proving to ourselves and the world where we came from and why it matters. We’re the best at proving what YOU did, how YOU succeeded, and what YOU have to be proud of.

Let us do what we do best, and make your product or service a brand, your dream a reality. Risk and all.

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