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Sep 5, 2019    Industry Intrigue

Every Time A Bell Rings, A Growth Firm Gets Its Wings


When I think of “It’s A Wonderful Life,” I am a total freak. Despite my love for Christmas movies, heartfelt scenes, and old school music, this movie to me is 100% a lesson on cognitive behavioral therapy.

Let me explain quickly.

George not only has a stressful crisis at work and a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and people depending on him. He also has the cognitive behavior of maximizing the negatives in his life and minimizing the positives.

In a classic lesson of spiraling, ruminating, and isolating himself, he’s a textbook example of someone with depression.

But on a lighter note, it’s also simply a lesson of the many perspectives you can have of a problem. Some might call these different lenses “optimism,” “positivity,” or maybe “pessimism,” “realism” “negativity.” You get it.

Austin marketing firms all have a perspective through which they view your business.

Most of them have a practiced lens, a generic pair of glasses passed around the team until they know which template to place you in.

They look at your issues and give you a safe bet, an average plan of attack for how to grow your business. And after 2-3 years of working with them, you might start to see your ROI. Their perspective is based in fear, learned timidness, and taking the easy route. They’re also the type that tends to write loooong emails with fluff to cover up the fact that their idea didn’t pan out quite as well as they’d hoped.

But these advertising or branding agencies in Austin have the wrong lens.

They have a horribly negative (or fine, realistic) way of looking at your issues as a business that needs growth.

Rock Candy Media Austin is not like this. As the top growth agency in Austin, we don’t follow the same cognitive behavior. When we’re thinking, as individuals and as a team, on how to grow your business, we don’t plan with the negatives in mind. We plan for the positives.

We plan to take risks. We plan to have to jump through hoops and we know to expect unexpected hurdles. We don’t let the negatives outweigh the positives of a daring branding or growth hacking plan.

And by doing so, we get you visible ROI not in 2-3 years, but in 1 or less (usually less).

Some call us crazy, which we actually like even though they didn’t mean it as a compliment. Others call us reckless, aiming too high, unrealistically daring. But we welcome this label. Because we don’t want to work with businesses that are going to take the same route as everyone else — that’s no way to stand out.

We want people ready to put out high stakes, brave projections, and heart-palpitating plans. Because at the end of the day, we always deliver.

We’re a team of crazy spaghetti brains who don’t have time for lenses and templates.

Want proof? Sit down with our CEO. She’s the craziest of us all, and you’ll be able to tell within the first minute of meeting her. In fact, the team might have already placed bets on how many seconds it’ll take.

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