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Aug 23, 2019    Industry Intrigue

You Need a Designated Spaghetti Brain On Your Team


It’s not easy to understand the brain of a brand builder. Of a brand strategist or creative marketing strategist. They go a mile a minute, sometimes in circles, sometimes in hyperspeed, sometimes in no direction at all. But you want them on your team.

As a top marketing agency in Austin (and the world), we know this already. Luckily for you, we’re ready to pass along the proof.

Proof That Crazy Works, Courtesy of Rock Candy Media in Austin

In the mind of a brand builder, nothing is linear. You don’t start an Instagram page just to have social media presence and contact with that demographic of users. You have an Instagram page to share your weirdest ideas to the weirdest generation. You have it to shine a light on the personality of the brand. You have it to show, piece by small piece, post by post, slightly more about who you are as a company. To show not the What or How of your business, but the Why. 

Their brain is going back and forth between all of these reasons, running from one POV to another and back, and yet, they can still free-wheel all of these thoughts into one, cohesive, aesthetic, precise, and ambitious content calendar. Then they’ll do it for all the other social platforms, while texting the publicist about why Tik Tok is dumb and we should get the CEO published in Forbes again for something random.

If this seems overwhelming, you’re not a brand builder. If you own a business, you need one (or, you know, a branding agency that specializes in being overwhelming).

Elephant to Mouse & Back Again

In the mind of a brand builder, there is no schedule for when they mull over the big picture versus the minuscule tasks. You don’t need to remind them not to get bogged down in the details, because the mind of the brand builder is skilled at thinking about 100 things at once, and processing the emotions and reasoning attached to each train of thought, hypothesizing left and right.

They can constantly, consistently, and simultaneously be thinking about future-proofing the big picture of the company AND the fact that 2 assignments are 3 hours past due and the most recent blog post hasn’t yet been proofed.

Computing Faster Than The Dev Team

In the mind of a brand builder, they are the biggest cheer team and the devil’s advocate. They are optimistic, realistic, and pessimistic about every problem all at once, and they’re not exhausted by it. If something about the company was misconstrued and you’ve got an angry audience on your hands, they can flip through hundreds of possible responses in a second, analyzing how to balance tone and facts and figures and sincerity, and then make sure it never happens again. 

They know how anything will be taken, in the best light and in the worst, and know how to go public with it. They learn from mistakes incredibly quickly and are never down and out for long. Why do you think we’re so daring with our own messaging? Because we know how to do it right, unlike a lot of “growth hacking” agencies in Austin and elsewhere.

If The Shoe Fits (& It Does)

In the mind of a brand builder, they can slip into the shoes of literally anyone. A little bit like a serial killer, they can get inside someone’s skin, and see the world through their eyes. Even if they’re a 24 year old Asian female trying to analyze something from the perspective of a 57 year old white man. They flip switches on and off to gauge how their company is being perceived by different demographics, and the good ones are rarely wrong. They’ve been doing this their whole life before it became their job.

Chess Experts, If Chess Wasn’t Boring

In the mind of a brand builder, they’re thinking in terms of short- and long-term strategy even when they’re cooking spaghetti or taking the dog for a walk. A brand builder never stops working, because so much of the job is thinking, observing, mulling. Nothing is done without thinking not just 10 steps ahead, but all the way through to the end. They’d probably be experts at chess but barely know how to play because that board is boring, they need something more creative, more ever-changing and ambient.

We Mean To Sound Dramatic

In the mind of a brand builder, not everyone can survive. They need to bounce ideas off people and walls and sound like they’re completely lost, right before the light bulb sparks and they’ve solved the puzzle. People underestimate their value because ‘Can’t everyone just think like this some of the time?’ ‘Why have a person on a team that seems like they’re just observing most of the time?’ This is often the biggest mistakes of startups– putting off effective branding or underestimating its importance.

So no, you don’t want to be a brand builder yourself unless you were born for it. But yes, you do need a designated one on your team. Stat. You’ll see it pay off over time, and a thousand-fold, if you’re paying attention. Companies don’t just happen upon perfect branding. Someone built that from scratch.

Still not sure if you need a change on your team? Sit down with our head honcho, the queen of hiring weirdos and making them the craziest team to ever form a top advertising agency in Austin, TX.

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