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Are you ready to grow your business in new and unexpected ways? At Rock Candy Media, we’re more than Austin’s best advertising agency, we’re your creative salesforce. Our expert team of strategists, artists, designers, and developers work together to build your brand and identify sales funnels you’ve never even thought of. Everything we do is strategic and that starts at our first meeting.


What’s a positioning analysis?

Before we meet with a potential client, our strategists totally break down your brand. We analyze where you’re strong, where you need help and where your competitors have it right. We carefully vet every client because we want to partner with brands that want to succeed as much as we do.

Your Positioning Analysis

Each positioning analysis is unique to each potential client, here’s what you can usually expect.

Who We Are

A breakdown of Rock Candy Media, what we do and how we help our clients shorten the sales cycle.

Competitor Breakdown

We take a granular look at your competition, from their branding, to their website to their social followers, and see how you measure up.

Ad Strategies

The basics of how we would position your brand to succeed in your industry. (Don’t think of trying any funny business, we don’t give everything away.)

SEO Analysis

How does your site stack up on search? We’ll tell you what Google sees.

Branding Audit

Sales not where you want them to be? Our strategists explain why.

Positioning Pitch

Once we’ve carefully analyzed you and your competitors brands, the RCM principals explain how the creative salesforce can transform your brand into a juggernaut.

CEOs Know

Every positioning analysis includes both our CEO, Annie Liao Jones, and our creative director, Sam Kimelman. Our clients’ business is our business, and our leadership team is onboard every step of the way.

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