Are these big tech entities really your friend?

We all get creeped out by the articles about Amazon employees listening in on personal conversations via Alexa to “determine consumer behavior and match them up with the right ads.” But I’m more worried about data harvesting that’s less obviously invasive.

As an advertiser, I take part in the other side of the personal data exchange: the receiving end. I place ads on Facebook and Google’s platforms and target people based on demographic and behavioral data gleaned from their online activity. That is an essential part of what makes my firm a growth agency.

But Facebook, Google and social media are waging a war against the malefactors who made them the subject of widespread scorn after the 2016 election. Us advertisers are caught in the crossfire, as ad accounts are often shut down for seemingly no reason. I’m here to share insights into dealing with a ruthless, AI-enabled crackdown, how to avoid being flagged and what to do if you are.


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