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Apr 2, 2020    RCM Press

Rock Candy Media Named A Top Digital Marketing Agency

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Rock Candy Media is a top digital marketing agency that helps businesses convert customers effectively

#18 Rock Candy Media

Expertise: Branding, Video Production, Public Relations and more

79% of marketing leads do not convert into sales, posing a significant challenge for businesses. identified ten impactful strategies that increase conversion rates in a new report., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with digital marketing experts, researched and identified the top strategies for businesses to use digital marketing to increase conversion rates:

1. Focus on designing compelling Calls To Action (CTAs)
2. Utilize smart pop-ups with good context
3. Create convincing, attention-grabbing, authority-building content
4. Focus social media strategies on engagement and long-form content
5. Capitalize on increasing popularity of video as a medium
6. Utilize the power of email on the purchase decision
7. Generate a sense of urgency and Fear-Of-Missing-Out (FOMO)
8. Reward loyal customers to turn them into brand ambassadors
9. Build an optimized website – especially improving its speed
10. Motivate users to revisit abandoned carts


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