Austin is often acknowledged as one of America’s most creative — and quirkiest — cities. While the slogan “Keep Austin Weird” was initially adopted to persuade the city’s residents to shop locally, the phrase has now become an all-encompassing tribute to Austin’s unabashed eclecticism. Boasting a bevy of musicians, artists, actors, and a top branding agency, Austin hosts some of the country’s most popular art exhibits and installations as well as an impressive assortment of indie theaters and recording studios. Creativity lies at the heart of Austin’s identity, leaving a lasting impact on the city’s status as a hotbed of innovation.

As a city where high tech meets a world-class arts scene, Austin naturally boasts many branding agencies built upon the union between artistry and technology. While branding may appear to be a solely creative trade at first glance, this particular craft requires as much tech expertise as it does artistic ingenuity. Luckily, Austin’s branding agency experts have the skills needed to help brands beat out the competition, specializing in areas such as web design, brand positioning and social media management.

Here’s a look at 15 branding agencies in Austin bolstering businesses through the marriage of art and technology

Founded by Annie Liao Jones, Rock Candy Media offers a wide range of digital marketing and branding solutions. The branding agency’s expertise encompasses branding positioning and audits, mobile app design and development, graphic design, UX design, content strategy and competitive analysis. Rock Candy Media aims to position each of its clients for long-term growth.


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