an ode to 2020
by Annie

I’m running out of words to say

nevermind form

there’s a lot in my chest and it’s a heavy weight

Nothing else matters

Nothing is new

What’s going down in nyc a city so magical every night was another possibility only in the city

How to explain loss so great over not even a #misunderstanding but #liveslost with no one seeking to understand anything

It’s now a crime to #knowthyself

why is that criminal

#curiosity is the humanitarian principle key to #theamericandream

It’s in spirit

It’s a loss of the #unknown

Faced with not knowing people choose fake #order more #structure to keep them ignorant of self

Less #empathy is the final result and yet no one understands they only want to #plan and make #itineraries as their enemy is #spontenaity

Those #mourning value souls that illuminate and add to another life’s story maybe the beginning end middle or in one beautiful sentence

If you only believe you know the #hereandnow and don’t get why it’s not okay to say you don’t know more

About after you pass and where you go but you mourn all those you have yet to gift back

how to explain the #chestpains of all the #women who empower the other because they are #sacredground when we see men so scared of the #unpredictable they stare at the stars and it makes them feel small

The beauty in that #universality is something they feel #threatened by

They compete with #mothernature and they’ll never get #enlightenment and all that is in #mysticism is my companion in my lifelong learning as we #hail only the unknown so let’s say

#letitbe #contentedness that’s the beauty

It’s in feeling small

This is my #loveletter to you all


#theantitemplate is a way of looking at life

It’s always deep and it’s always personal


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