In this time of All or Nothing (at all).

We are supposed to say it’s ‘okay’ for our kids to be the first ones to face the invisible killer that is also one virologists cannot grasp ahold of, because for the first time in our history, scientists are demoralized as the government keeps telling them to basically ‘not do their job’?

Do you know how disrespectful that is as a person?

For You in Power to assume one (Person) cannot handle the truth?

It seems to me that some one who thinks someone else who cannot handle A truth just might be the most scared one him (self).

So after All of This, after so much feeling, it has meant Nothing as we send our kids out into the unknown. What’s even worse than that? It was by those in Powers’ design. It was intentional.

Now, those kids who have Less Than, get to spread the disease innocently to those in their own families as those with Less Than end up more likely to live under a roof with their larger families.

Yet we are not united under a literal disease killing those in a time where we know Nothing, but what we do know is that it is so bad that whatever we hear is probably 100 times more.

So after All of This, and people feeling so burdened by the strain of WEARING A MASK because they put their individual rights over respect for another’s life? An entire one life so full of possibility?

Wait let’s play pretend. Say you Know It All. Say the pandemic is a lie itself and every ‘liberal’ is a liar. Wouldn’t you wear one JUST IN CASE and maybe NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT IT UNDER YOUR ALL(mighty) SIGNS TOUTING JESUS AS YOUR RULER? How dare you offend me and anyone who values A Life as offensive to your one act of kindness JUST IN CASE?

I thank experience for having the opportunity to know some really good Christians in my life, and it started when I felt accepted at the home of Jeremy Ballard whose parents did so much Right by Him, and their compassion formed who I am today. I hate less due to them and they did not use Jesus to spread hate. When I was trying to find my way, I read about the historical figure who was a freak, an outcast but he was so rich in generosity.

I want to opt out

But for some reason I cannot when I have wondered for years…just who ever does stand up for the poor? Do you think we have a middle class left?

Don’t you DARE hold up a Jesus sign (he was not up for sale) and than say it’s against Your right to possibly do harm to One Person.

We could have used This time, to stand united in demanding the truth, as humans and as parents and as a country I used to be so proud of succeeding in because there is no other country where you can be NOT NORMAL and still MAKE IT.

Hypocrisy in masses is very hard to tolerate.

If you want to hide behind that sign just don’t you dare ever use that judgment to represent a Jesus that is hateful because that simply was not his tribe

I do not stand by Hate.

I demand the government gives us all the truth.

Because right now those innocent children who have less, are met at risk for killing their own grandparents.

Dear President- I have a right to the truth and so do all my friends. How dare you Assume I cannot handle it when We have struggled to make The American Dream a reality without a silver spoon? How dare you not even try because you think we are less brave???

I have something to tell you, Bad Dude: The struggle makes us each stronger than You will Ever Be.

I demand the truth for all the voices that are. so oppressed I have realized they have been scared for a long time. Maybe Jesus, the good guy, was probably against BUILDING A WALL AGAINST HUMANITY TOO.

I don’t know you mr. bad guy but I’m going to assume the sooner we call it like we see it the sooner we can protect those less than:

Mr Bad Guy, if there was a .0001% chance your son could get it because um, his girlfriend just did, maybe she’s not going to die from it because you have access to actual health care?

How dare you

Shame on you

That is wrong

I am teaching my daughter You are Wrong

Do you know how much you have hurt every little girl because I’m here to tell you something: Every little girl grows up wondering what it could be like if She were able to be president one day, Too.

You are a murderer and even worse, you bully people into submission and anyone knowing what you are doing is a murderer too.

I will not let you make another intelligent Individual who may only be street smart but is smarter than you could ever be because guess what? They didn’t have to pay someone to take their tests for them. If they failed they used that failure to make something for themselves

You offend me

I will not stand by while you shape our FUTURE BY NOT VALUING Even one HUMAN life







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