My full-scale growth agency in Austin isn’t for everyone. It’s for the freaks, it’s for the curious, and it’s for the aware.

It’s a team of talented and responsible creatives. If you are one but not the other, you’re gone.
If you’re full of excuses without ever actually being honest (in which you’d hold yourself accountable), you’re gone.

If you’re extremely sensitive and have a lot of things that may offend you, you will want to be gone but you will also be given the slip because one bad egg can make a great team toxic. Our company culture is what I always go out of my way to maintain, and it’s why we do two-week working interviews.

Make no mistake, everything I do has an intent.

I don’t want people that can’t speak right to my face about their issues. I talk the same to clients as I do friends as I do employees and what you give should be what you get. I don’t care if it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work on people without awareness, in which you shouldn’t be in advertising anyways. Change my mind and get a raise. Believe me, I want you to. I don’t want people that beat around the bush in long emails. I don’t want grown adults afraid of confrontation in person, but can sit in the same workspace and disagree in our project management software. I just want the unfiltered truth, and having my back is not hiding things from me. It’s disrespectful to me, moreover, it’s disrespectful to our clients. Give it to me straight; That’s how you gain my respect. (Which by the way, you have to earn. It is not something you deserve because you are hired. And it’s something you earn from your team when you respect their experience and go to them for advice.)

If your motivation for working with me is bolstering your resume, fine! Great! If you’re good, you’re hired. If you realize it’s our clients and not me that is your boss, go do your thing. But if your motivation is some bullsh*t answer of having to do with veganism, gender labeling (b/c I will fall asleep), or some other cause which makes you an extremist, I assure you that you will be that one toxic egg. Remember, you’ll have to change my mind about you off the start. Whether it’s ‘fair’ or not.

I’ve built Rock Candy Media as the digital marketing agency that throws out industry templates and breaks the rules, and that applies to how we act as a team. However, we don’t ever think we know more about clients about what they do. If the client has the best idea, we don’t fight it at all. In fact, we respect it by executing fully on it. It’s mutual respect and collaboration that help us sell a company for $20 million (that and a lot of recommended pivoting we could have only gotten from the data and listening to our clients). We are not rebellious to just be rebellious. We are rebellious in the way that we will push back, and I like that in a team. They care as much as I do to get the client out of their tunnel vision they’re naturally inclined to be in.


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