Get on the fast track        


Whether you’re a dude with a truck or a CEO with a fleet, our home services and field services marketing will get your phones ringing and tires spinning.

Rock Candy Media’s lawn care, plumber, cleaning services, or HVAC marketing services are like a well-equipped utility belt, with all digital and traditional advertising strategies covered. Work with us, and you’ll see your business grow and evolve into a brand people can’t live


Hire a whole team at once

The only way to scheme up home services savvy advertising campaigns, design responsive websites, manage your reputation and master search platforms, and everything else we do (and still be great at it) is to assemble a team of crazy talented creatives and analysts with an inclination for collaboration.

On advertising’s edge

The recipe for modern marketing perfection is knowledge of the latest tools and techniques paired with an understanding of what motivates people to make decisions. We tap into people’s deepest hopes and fears through their favorite websites, search engines, and social channels.

We make people fall in love with you

People need to feel confident in the home services they work with, and our branding and PR strategy is designed around making trust implicit.

We only work for you

We do not take on other clients in your field, and we do not reuse the same old campaigns and techniques for every client. The RCM brain trust is exclusively at your disposal to dominate the competition.

Get Started

The first step to getting RCM for your home services business is to meet the team in person, experience our board room manner, and get a positioning analysis.