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Building a business from scratch takes major balls. In the first year when you’re running on three hours of sleep every day, you can fall victim to tunnel vision. Rock Candy Media sides with the underdog - the win is more gratifying. When you’re doing everything but sales the first year, it’s scary, but no matter what you only have a fixed amount of hours in a day and that’s the reality. Even if you aren’t ready to hire an advertising agency or a marketing firm, Rock Candy Media has your back.

That’s why we’re introducing RCM Focus.

RCM Focus is a group strategy session with the Rock Candy Media brain trust, designed specifically for new and growing businesses. We’ve freed up one hour a week to provide consulting services to qualified startups. For a flat fee, you’ll get a Rock Candy Media Positioning Analysis and one hour to ask questions and get feedback from Austin’s top creatives and strategists, including the senior team, which includes our VP of strategy Sam Kimelman, RCM WEST creative director Kyle Gregory and lead developer Scott Mise. It's like a focus group, but instead of a bunch of random weirdos off the street, it's some of the best brains in advertising.

RCM will analyze and evaluate everything from your business model, to packaging questions keeping you up at night, to your messaging, to your rollout strategy -- any chicken or the egg situation you may find yourself in. Owning a business is a lonely endeavor. We get what it takes. You’ll leave re-energized and ready to take on the world after a session with one of Austin’s best advertising firms.

RCM Focus is a flat fee of $500. If you’d like to get a head start on the competition, see if you qualify today and get on our calendar as we are usually booked two months out.

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Your business is too important to trust to anyone but the experts. Request an RCM Focus opportunity using the form below. A member of our senior team will be in touch.