Get on the fast track        

Social Media Strategist

  • Develop target audiences to show A/B test results in a weekly conversions document
  • Brainstorm activities, opportunities, and content to inspire or grow community (long term and campaign based)
  • Stay ahead of all the different ways you can promote our client's products or services, and get creative! For example, collect leads on Facebook before there is a landing page capture. We want EXECUTION, not just great ideas
  • Design and execute the weekly and quarterly content calendars and strategy plans
  • Create and report KPI’s to our SEM team, and build reports that showcase reason, trends, and opportunity
  • Manage and respond to customers through forum and website tools
  • Learn and explore new tool sets that improve workflow and client objectives
  • Work closely, efficiently, and effectively with the client and internal teams (communication is daily)
  • Develop practices and improvements, or build upon and help improve current methods of operation
  • Go after influencers with legitimate followers to help increase social awareness and visibility, valuing quality over quantity
  • Handle occasional community crisis or troubleshoot escalations

  • Be a proactive, self-starter and independent contributor with follow-through on all initiatives
  • Have strong problem-solving, creative writing, and editorial skills
  • Showcase strong communication skills (and feel comfortable with communicating the good and the bad)
  • Enjoy engaging and developing a broad range of people, communities, clients, and trends
  • Be able to execute on community initiatives, measure results, and modify programs based on feedback
  • Retain and demonstrate excellent organization and time-management skills and schedule to hit deliverable deadlines
  • Must have previous experience managing communities on behalf of professional entities/companies (either as a community manager or working within social media marketing departments)
  • Have active and professional experience with forums, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram (other platforms like SnapChat, Twitch, Tiktok, etc a bonus)

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